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Borg movement sounds

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Ever notice that cyborgs are eerily quiet, but you can hear most people come down the hall thanks to footsteps?

Well, this is the thread that not only complains about that, but suggests borgs be able to choose one soundeffect as their movement sound. It could either be metallic clanking, a hovering or a 'swooping' sound from repulsors, or the sound of motor tracks moving alongside the floor.

I wish I had soundbites but I don't really have audiorecording software, else I'd take the utility droid movement sound from KOTOR2.

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Not too annoying please, 'mech movement makes me want to commit sudoku from the memories alone.

I um... Think you meant Seppuku?

But anyways, I'm for this. And I think the sound produced by the borg should equate to the sprite chosen. Taking the tracked mining borg chassis and having hover sounds would be awkward.

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No, sudoku.

Honorable death by mathematics puzzles and brain hemorrhaging.

I suppose that matching sprites with sounds would be alright, if that's the preference for the sake of immersionz.

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