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[CLOSED] The Ieadatan Party

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Type: Political organization.

Founding: 2422, with the end of the revolution at Adhomai.

Region of Space: S'rand'marr and Tau Ceti.

Controlled by: Several members of the remaining Njarir’Akharan noble families.

Other Snapshot information:

-Organization created by the survivors of the old Njarir'Akhran noble families.

-Deemed as a terrorist organization and outlawed by the People's Republic of Adhomai.

-Political agenda of restoring the old plutocracy to Adhomai.

-Cultural agenda of asserting the leading role of the Njarir ethnicity in the tajaran society.

-Promisses of aid for all Njarir’Akhran tajaran at S’rand’marr and in other systems.


Long Description:


The Ieadatan Party was created by Njarir refugees, mostly composed by the deposed survivors nobles of the old tajaran plutocracy, after the massacres that followed the revolution in 2421. It started as a group to help those in dire situations of need, and later it evolved its definitive political ideas, such as restoring the old plutocracy system to Adhomai and the roots for the Njarir nationalism.

The name Ieadatan was inherited from the main, and most rich, family that was among the founders of the party. Most of their richness was used to found the group and help their originals members in emigrating from Adhomai or in protecting themselves in the new order.

Their ideas and members also expanded with the tajaran emigration to other systems, mostly to Tau-Ceti. Even if several Njarir had to take jobs that would be seen as disgraceful by others, they are motivated to keep their traditions and old proudness alive.

Core ideas:

The Ieadatan party seeks the restoration of the old plutocracy system to Adhomai, even if it is deemed as impossible by the large majority of the tajaran and members of this group. The concept of republic and foreigner forces dictating the politics and internal affairs of the tajaran people is considered the roots of all problems at their native world.

While not hostile to the Sol alliance or other humans groups, they believe that Adhomai’s resources and government should remain free of any kind of alien influence, and cooperation should happen in benefit to the tajaran people before anything else. Tajaran living at human’s world and working at their corporations are encouraged to follow the law and obey the authorities, to give an example to others, while not giving up on their traditions and culture.

The Njarir’Akhran ethnicity is considered to be the natural rules of the tajaran species, while the other should follow their lead and know their places like in the old tajaran society. They are also encouraged to take leading positions in their communities and be examples for the others ethnicities. Keeping the bloodline pure is also actively promoted by the Ieadatan party.

They also keep a small armed militia in their native world, mostly focused in protecting their own kin and attacking the republic when the opportunity appears. With the stability due to the new civil war, their actions grow far more bold and violent. Outside S'rand'marr, members of the group are highly discouraged to take arms or do any kind of hostile action, trying to keep a good image of themselves.

Relations with other factions:

Members of this organization are actively hunted by the forces of the People’s Republic of Adhomai, because the party claimed that the Hadii are traitors to their own kin. The Iedatan party clearly seeks to depose the actual government and has no intention in any kind of negotiation.

Most of the organization resides outside S'rand'marr, with highest concentration being at the Tau-ceti system. In Sol and Tau-Ceti space they are ignored by the authorities most of the time, classified as a harmless alien group. A part of the credits earned by the Njarir at human systems are sent back to Adhomai to help those in need and fund the party’s actives.

Immigrants and poor people are the main focus of recruitment by the party, promising a better future and statues among their peers. Financial aid is granted, but loyalty is expected in return.

The Ieadatan Party is also opposed to the rebel forces that are fighting the people’s republic. However, they find great comfort and opportunity in the chaos created by the conflict between both sides. However, their limited numbers don’t translate in great success or any progress to the cause of restoring the old order.

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This seems like an interesting idea, I am liking it. I am not seeing anything that conflicts with the current Tajaran lore. Also, it looks like some good roleplay could come from this if it is accepted. It seems like one of those hopeless groups that want to go back to the olden days before Nanotrasen gets involved. I would like to see something like this get added.

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Who's the Tajaran head, again?

oh, right, dead. Well, first order of business when a new one gets hired is to deal with this backlog, like srsly. Bumping and leaving it for now.

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