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Botanist's IPC Lore Dev app

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Ckey/BYOND Username: You know it, baby. BotanistPower.

Position Being Applied For (coder, mapper, spriter): Check that title.

Past Experiences/Knowledge: Not much but I've been doing this roleplay shit for about 5 years. I also really like robots and will be sure to take IPCs in an interesting direction.

Examples of Past Work: I wrote half of the Lifeweb wiki in English, if that matters. I also sent Hivefleetchicken (current head of frontier lore, I am told) 4 colony ideas. He liked them. Ask him for them because I don't have those on hand.

Preferred Mode of Communication (Skype, Steam, etc.): Steam's cool.

Additional Comments: I might be the first person to apply for this.

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I would be against this, you have shown a complete inability to show any sort of commitment or serious behaviour that I have seen. I don't think you would work well under supervision, or when given criticism, as well shown in your moderator application where you very quickly devolved to petty insults.

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Petty insults whilst I negated their dubious claims of dipheadery, my good man. Dare you stand against the memelord mafia?

Also, you have quite literally nothing to prove that I wouldn't work well under supervision or when given criticism. The mod app was a joke, in case me calling literally everyone a diphead and saying I lacked any positive qualities didn't tip you off.

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How would you assist in building the IPC lore?

How would you work your lore changes into the current lore?

If you felt another race was being made to be 'better' than the others in terms of characteristics, would you say this if you knew others would complain?


Very glad my good friend Chaznoodles could ask some real questions.

In all honesty, I wouldn't see myself as 'building' IPC lore so much as 'expanding'. As it stands, what Jackfractal has left us with is great for Aurora - it's not restricting but is enough of a framework that it's not too open. In short, I'd try and work with the players to expand upon what Jack left in a way that pleases everyone.

Not really sure what you mean by question #2. I don't have much in mind right now and I imagine that what I do isn't major enough to require much thinking as to how I'm going to work it into the current lore.

Yes, without a doubt. Not all civilizations or species are equal in the Aurora universe and I believe it should stay that way. A galaxy of races that are fully equal (with some better than others in certain ways) is incredibly boring.

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Sextuplet R, you can't be mad at people when they assume you're making a joke when thats all you do, even making a joke app in another serious forum weeks prior. You really can't blame them when this is your response.


Dare you stand against the memelord mafia?


At that point, all you have to blame is yourself. Im also firmly against this, for the same reasons as Gollee.

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I argued as long as I found it funny. I stopped when I didn't think it was funny anymore. And I wouldn't call it 'aggressive' - diphead isn't an insult, despite what low-tier Urban Dictionary definition some bricklaying rat faced goon could pull from his bag of tricks.

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Anyway. I won't open the whole debate again because then we'd be slated for five more pages of it, and we don't really want that. :roll:

What bugs me is that you chose to respond with acerbic wit when faced with criticism - no matter how valid or stupid you thought the other person's opinion to be. In general, members of staff should display open-mindedness when communicating with others - sometimes you might just be wrong about the opinion you so quickly made up your mind on, and as a whole, it tends to pay off to be nice.

I'm not saying you don't deserve a shot but I'm trying to rephrase the concerns of other people here.

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