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Ban Apeal

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You have been banned by serveris6.

Reason: Ran a handcuffed prisoner over with a cargo tug at round end, killing them. Proceeded to try and gnaw their hand off after security arrested him..This is a temporary ban, it will be removed in 4320 minutes.

I didnt mean to kill him i just meant to get past i meant no harm it was a accident

i want to be let off the hook because i didnt intend it and he coulda survived he he didnt knaw his hand off or have the officer blast his foot off this is unfair the officer is let off the hook when he did 10x the damage i did

plus its unfair use i was arrested and pleaded and screamed because i did so much for security and they didnt even lighten the sentanceits unfair and the officer who shot off his foot was not even punished

and i demand a unban

Byond key:Nickmun

Connection died...

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Banning moderator here. Hello. Salut.

Alright, I happened to be present at departures during the entire incident. The head of security has just shot a rogue IPC in the foot several times with a laser to subdue them (as tasers would have been ineffective against them). As they were moving the IPC to robotics for repairs, you proceeded to climb onto a cargo tug, and more than a little too coincidentally in my eyes ran them over. This resulted in the character's immediate death, there on the spot. It seemed rather clear that you at the bare minimum attempted to hit them.

I reviewed your player notes, and was not entirely surprised when I noticed that you had been banned for poor RP and end of round grief before.

Given the ban is only three days, and a repeat offense on top of that, I am standing by the decision that the ban should stick unless either

A. A higher ranking staffmember would like to chime in


B. You can stake a more solid argument as to why this ban should be lifted; given the OP, I'm not entirely convinced.

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