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Mahzel's coder app

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Ckey/BYOND : Mahzel

Position Being Applied For: Coder

Past experiences :

I'm in no way experienced as a game developper but I worked in IT and graduated a software development course (and do some coding on my own for my "company"). My two biggest personal projects were an OS for 0x10c (assembly language like) and an Agc simulator (working but still unfinished and on hold until I get some time/mood to get back to such a huge project)

I'm experienced in OO coding and low level development (C++, C#, Java, ASM X86 arch.). Graphics are NOT something I know.

I've got no past experience with BYOND and I'm learning it from the ground up.

Examples of Past Work: my github repos contain a stub of my 0x10C OS and an old version of my Agc emulator as well as a client app for a space engine (Sim game) community database (never actually used it was more for fun and learning SQL requests in C#)


Additional notes : I do not know what level of commitment you require but my job expect me to be leaving my home and the net some times, during several months (2-3 at a time). But I do like this game and its weird code, although I'm still discovering it.

Preferred Mode of Communication: Skype / teamspeak.

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