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Bridget Bynes' Hobbyist Welding Tool


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BYOND Key: Synnono

Character name: Bridget Bynes (Engineering Apprentice)

Item name: Hobbyist Welding Tool

Why is your character carrying said item to work?

Bridget is both forgetful and ill-equipped at times. She has been forced to weld something without goggles or a mask unexpectedly on several occasions, which has resulted in repeated eye injury. In an effort to avoid strain on her eyesight and her corporate vision insurance plan, she will have started to bring her own spot welder to work.

This welder is a consumer model, which incorporates a screen that is mounted between the operator and the flame. This allows for welding without the need for eye protection. However, the tool is compact, and intended for unprofessional spot work. As such, it has a miniscule (five unit) fuel capacity and its tank valve is incompatible with NanoTrasen portable welding kits, meaning a refill at a fueltank is required each time the tool is emptied.



Item function(s): This item functions as a normal welding tool, with three differences.

1. Welding without eye protection will not damage the eyes.

2. The fuel tank is one-fourth as large as that of a standard welding tool.

3. The tool cannot be refilled using anything but a full-size fuel tank.

Numbers 2 and 3 are an attempt to balance out the positive effect of number 1.

Item description:

That's a Hobbyist Welding Tool.

A screen on top of the tool appears to shield the user's eyes.

The Hobbyist Welding Tool contains 5/5 units of fuel!

Item appearance: Like a smaller, simplified welding tool, with a screen mounted on top of the nozzle. Maybe colored an exciting construction yellow/black to reflect its marketing as a consumer model.

Reference photos courtesy of Amanda Ripley:







Additional comments:

I have absolutely zero idea how suitable or difficult this would be to implement, and I am very aware that the wait for the custom item backlog to be processed is approximately one gabillion years. I cannot currently code or sprite, but if the item is found suitable I'd be prepared to pick up one or both in an effort to lighten the load on developers. I'm confident I could create the sprites on my own with some time (planning on learning anyway!), and with enough gazing at the mess that is the game's code from github, it may even be possible for me to divine how the tool should interact with the items in question.

Thanks for taking the time to read and offer feedback!

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