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Mike Smith's custom tool belt


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Character name: Mike Smith

Item name: Mike Smith's Toolbelt

Why is your character carrying said item to work? Mike Smith always has his trusty toolbelt, custom fit to him, and only him.

Item function(s): Just like a normal toolbelt, though due to the custom fitting, there is one extra spot for a tool.

Item description: It has a black and yellow caution stripe buckle, and the belt itself is made out of dark leather with reinforced pockets for tools.

Item appearance:In game, it has a different look depending on what way the character is facing. It is black and yellow caution striped from the front, it has the pockets on the sides, and it is black at the back.

Additional comments: No additional comments to add.

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I'm not sure if the extra tool spot will be accepted/allowed. Custom items are supposed to exist to provide RP in one way or another - Something that's dear to a character, something that affects a character or represents their history/status in some way. They aren't supposed to give you any form of additional gameplay advantage, even if it's just the ability to carry one more item that a regular toolbelt wouldn't give you.

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Same thing that Sierra said, it should probably have an actual RP reason for you to have the special belt. Also, I don't think that the items are allowed to add things like extra space. Not positive on that part though.

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