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Syion Feedback. No's and Oh Lord's

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I am going to regret this... But what do you guys think of the Syions? From the Man to the Machine. Syions are everywhere, on every department except for engineering (Don't you worry, i am coming for you catbeast fuckers yet.)

I WOULD like to point out that all Syion Characters are always somehow connected to each-other. Even the AI, S.Y.I.O.N. Is made my the company Syion Industries. "Producing AI's since the Katana unit's"

And any feedback is great. I know how much you all hate the Syions, so it will be fun seeing what kind of constructed criticism you guys will give me.

But remember, If i am to changed a character, that COULD have a ripple effect on another one. Thats how it goes.

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S.Y.I.O.N, being based on a psychopath with a "Richard Syrion mode" would not be on station, and I am currently just waiting for some sort of report against it.

From what I have seen, all of your characters are aggressive, arrogant, narcissistic and violent. While this isn't necessarily bad, it rings alarm bells when it affects so many characters.

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I am going to regret this... But what do you guys think of the Syions?


I can usually count on any Syion I see to stir a situation up. Whether that's a good or a bad thing depends on the round type and whether or not he's an antagonist. I think (most) of the rounds that Syion's a bad guy are rounds that at least engage the rest of the crew, which is a good thing and more or less the point!

When it comes to being a regular crew member though, I wonder how likely NanoTrasen might have been to hire any of these characters in the first place. At the very least, they all have familial connections to the leadership of another corporation. Retired or not, different markets or not, that kind of thing usually represents a huge conflict of interest to human resources, and most hiring managers would pick someone whose loyalty and time might be less split in the event of a conflict.


[...]aggressive, arrogant, narcissistic and violent.


In the case of Richard and Mark at least, I agree with this assessment. In my opinion, these traits are red flags that no powerful corporation with the money to perform internal psych evals and background checks would stand. NanoTrasen's influence is such that they don't have to settle for the genius with the personality complex. They can afford, bribe, pressure or compete for the guy who doesn't come with the baggage. If your character is one who's just filling a regular role, the issue gets even worse. There are probably thousands of Regular Joes or Plain Janes willing to do a common job, and do it passably.

All that is not to say that there's no space for violent or narcissistic characters (I actually think they add some much-needed conflict potential) but there needs to be a believable bridge between the 'real' world of the setting and the essence of the character. My IAA has been asked to talk with Mark Syion on about five separate occassions, for issues that would be of valid concern to the company. While I have not yet been able to start more than one investigation (usually due to her office exploding), if he were enough of a sociopath to be able to successfully hide these traits and have a normal career, he wouldn't be leaving so many people with the impression he needs to be reviewed.

TL;DR - if you play a megalomaniac, or someone similarly driven in an aggressive manner, make sure the world doesn't notice until it's too late.

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The only two Syions I've really RPed with are Tyrone and, to a much lesser degree, Mark. Mark seems robust and dangerous... the sort of person you take care not to point at anyone's face unless you want a stern lecture on firearm safety.

Tyrone is competent, which forgives a lot, but still dangerously volatile. May be curable with a round of surgical castration followed by a memory wipe to protect everyone involved.

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I'm not entirely sure how an AI that's completely closed off from whatever future internet the setting uses can get hacked, but hey, it doesn't seem to be that major an aspect of that character.

That said, when I checked Mark's records it said he had over 50 years of experience in total across cargo, security, and so on.

Mark Syion is 49 years old. On top of that, his date of birth was off by about 11 or so years.

Other than that? Irish Man/10.

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