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Should we slow down/stop with suggestions for a while?


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This is my personnel opinion. Nothing I say here is a representation of the moderation staff, or any staff.

Basically, as most of us know, Aurora is trying to upgrade, but theres been a snag.

As you can tell, very plainly, theres going to be a lot of strain on the development staff because of this, even with the fresh grunts of the Green Army. So, this is a 50/50 post, asking what the people think, the other 50 is hoping people will consider this. Basically, should we stop posting in the "suggestions" section until this is sorted out? The team has already got to be under considerable stress, and probably have been since the utter failure that was the old, new map. I think the staff would really appreciate time to decompress and deal with things as a time, without something else falling into their lap, especially while the new guys are toddling along.

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I know theres things you want to do, and then theres things you should, things you can do.

I get you love the server, you'd really have too to do the amount of stuff you have done for the server, with no pay, little thanks. But sometimes I look through these posts about everything gone wrong, going wrong, and I worry a little about how you, the devs, the lore, guys, everyone is actually faring through it at the brunt of it. Id get if you want to hit everything head on because thats what you do, but I think you've earned, and a lot people would understand if you want to sit and take things slow for a while without having to worry about "what is the next big thing people want?" while your already working on the next three big things all at once.

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