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Abendroth's Unban Appeal.

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Hello, I was banned today. I would like to request that I be unbanned, and I shall explain why now.

I was playing Roboticist, and played my role fairly well. I made Ripleys, I made Borgs, I committed zero crimes except assault. Assault that I feel was entirely justified given my situation.

I was in the process of attempting to perform surgery to remove the brain of a player, so she could willingly be Borged, after all the correct paperwork had been made and signed by the correct people. But on my operating table, there was another player, one I could not fix. The player had both arms removed, and was not a proper Borg, so I could not repair his arms due to the fact I lacked the proper surgery tools. I had attempted multiple times to peacefully remove him from my operating table, but he refused to stay moved and kept climbing onto the table, to the point he would push others down to get on there. I repeatedly told him I could not fix him here, due to the lack of surgical tools, but he would keep wordlessly refusing and resisting all attempts to get him to medbay and off my table.

Now, getting rightly annoyed by this both IC and OCC, I hit him with a crowbar to knock him out. I then tried to drag him to medbay, so he could get new arms, but he woke up and ran straight back to my office to get back on the table. I repeated this attempt a few times, even after getting my hands on a stun baton to stun him a number of times. Each time he kept running back to my office, purely to antagonize everyone in Robotics and lay on that table. So, rage filling my character, my character beat him over the head repeatedly until his head came off. Now the TrialMod suethecake contacted me a second time, the first being to ask why I knocked out said player to begin with, and asked why I killed this player.

After explaining the situation, he asked if I had read the rules due to being a non-antag. Now while I was attempting to post a multi-post explanation of my character's reasons as to why and how it came to the boiling point and- I was banned, before I could finish explaining myself fully for my actions. I feel this was unfair, as I did not have an adequate time to explain much of anything.

And that finishes why I request to be unbanned. Thank you for taking the time to read this somewhat ranting request. My character is Nia Snyder, by the way.

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I don't have the logs of PMs from the server, but from what I recall you said that the player had agitated you out of character and so you beheaded him.

The problem here lies in the fact that you killed another player; this in of itself is unacceptable. Even if there is a roleplay reason, it is still against the rules. What a lot of people fail to realize - speaking in general - is that while you may have an RP reason to kill so and so or break whoever out of prison or blow whoever's head off with your pistol, that RP reason does not justify it. Had you adminhelped to tell us that your character wanted to kill this person, we may or may not have given you permission to do it. But you did so out of your own free will and seem to not find an issue with this behavior. Rather than try to apologize for it or see where you went wrong, you're trying to argue that you're in the right.

It was only a day ban. As the banning staff, I'm of the opinion that it sticks entirely because the player shows no effort in trying to understand why they were wrong.

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Another player being annoying OOCly does not give you an excuse to kill them. That's something you adminhelp, not handle on your own.

As far as ICly, nobody sane would murder someone else "because they kept getting in my way and being annoying".

So no, even having read your explanation, the ban was entirely justified in this case. Please don't do that again.

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