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Jargon Politics


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Who is the Grand Chancellor of the Skrell? Who are some prominent figures in Skrell society/history? What are some current policies of the Jargon Federation?

I find myself asking all these questions of macro-scopic elements of Skrell society.

One time when something went wrong, I went to say a "thanks Obama" type thing except with the Grand Chancellors name, only to see that I couldn't find it.

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I believe Frances has stated before, much of the Skrell fluff that players may want to improve there roleplay is not currently in. They also said that they were willing to take suggestions for things like that in order to help flesh out the species. I am not aware of anything that is currently created about the leader of the Jargon Federation, but then again, I am not on the Lore Team so I will leave it for Frances to answer.

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Guest Marlon Phoenix

Oh God, Frances is gone and I didn't study for this.

So I'm going to perform the tired and true tactic of all creative geniuses and pull something out of my supple, award-winning posterior.

Here is the main blurb on warblepolitics present on the wiki.


Following the Skrells' long tradition of political councils, the Jargon Federation operates as a centralized union of solar systems. Councillors represent Skrell interests at various levels organized in a clear hierarchy, which ranges from systems, to planets, to countries, to states. Overseeing it all is the Grand Councillor, which governs the entire federation and is elected every decade.

Members of the federation are elected through popular vote, and given weight proportional to the amount of population they represent. Regions and countries in the Federation are given a relatively high level of autonomy, as they are expected to make reasonable and informed decisions regarding the governance of their assigned territories (the Grand Councillor doesn't have time to oversee hundreds of planets!) Matters of colonization, space exploration, and inter-species diplomacy are currently overseen on a federal level.


We have a species of extremely orderly technocrats and what is probably a rigid meritocracy. (These mean that nerds are in charge and you advance in society based on how much of a nerd you are)

The Grand Chancellor is Weashbi Jrugl. He was elected 7 years ago and has 3 years remaining on his term. He is a prestigious xenobiologist, is 102 years old, and wrote a dozen thesis' and research papers on the biology of every major race. What made him popular domestically is finding the largest known prime number by hand only four hours after a human ambassador was bragging about their specialized AI that found what is now the second largest prime number.

His cabinet is made up of several prestigious skrell and dionae. His rule is marked by increasing integration of dionae and the continued hostility to artificial intelligence. It's rumored that the Chancellor has personally approved funding for an expansion of the Tups Commandos and covert incursions into the frontier of human space to hunt down and destroy synthetics. He also views unathi as irrational brutes. The official policy on Unathi is best described as a sort of condescending "naughty children" outlook.

On the Federal level there is the Council of Jargon, which is the legislative branch of the Jargon government. Systems are extremely autonomous, so their rulings tend to be either recommendations or ceremonial acts except in matters of foreign policy, colonization, and the extremely hazardous task of space exploration. There are no political parties, as the present simply debate the logic and merit of whatever is being proposed, with the dionae usually being the ones to make emotional appeals. It makes for very boring Squid-Span TV, as everyone is (usually) just warbling cold logic and every little detail. Which is a theme of Jargon politics - it tends to be rather 'cold', because efficiency is more than often the point. That isn't to say there is an absence of emotion, but it's culturally expected to keep reason above all else. In addition, dionae representatives make the council infamous for being slow. Everytime the dionae takes the floor, human-imported coffee shops become a booming business around the council chambers because everyone's going to be there awhile. Jargon endevours with dionae is best expanded by the treepeople overseer.

Major things of note about Jargon:

Artificial intelligence is banned. Travel is completely restricted. During high alerts Jargon vessels guarding bluespace gates to their system can fire ion cannons at approaching vessels that refuse to submit to a search. Unbound synthetics are usually destroyed or kicked back to human space. The subject is touchy due to the Three Incidents, which were incidents were AI's gained singularities in increasingly bizarre and catastrophic circumstances. i'll write more on this later, since they are the foundations of skrell attitudes towards AI's.

I'll write a full fleshing out of the skrell as best as I think Frances' wanted it during our talks and hopefully answer any additional questions, but take what i have here as a tantalizing nibble.

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