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Unban Appeal, Round 1

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BYOND Key: Chen Yakumo

Total Ban Length: Something like 4320 minutes?

Banning staff member's Key: AimlessAnalyst

Reason of Ban: EoR Grief

Reason for Appeal: My reason? Here's how it went down. I came back from SSD, and the shuttle's been called. Don't know why. I have a space suit left for me. Assumed the station had gone to hell. It did. I went to the shuttle. There was a security guy on the way there, so I dragged him into the shuttle with me. I tried to buckle myself into the seat, but I forgot I had a crowbar in that hand. So I hit myself instead. Security guy goes insane and starts punching me, but falls down. I turn around and tell him "Hey, idiot! I hit MYSELF with the crowbar, calm down!" And he gets up and keeps punching me. So I start spam disarming him because he's spam punching me. I'm going for a knockdown so I can get a word in edge wise without being knocked into critical and -dying-. I'm then banned. It was self-defense from being griefed, and I got banned for griefing. Please unban me.

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