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Change the name of "Illegal Technology Research"?


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This is an issue that was brought to the forefront of my mind by a recent discussion, but the results of the 'illegal' research path in R&D are not all illegal, and it's caused some IC issues before that they're labelled as such (usually with a particularly curious AI or Cyborg.) The path, as it is right now, does not require antagonist items to begin, and then can be raised up as far as level 6 using only items from the protolathe. As far as I can recall, besides possibly the freedom implant, none of the items available from the protolathe are particularly illegal. The crossbow would be, in the same way that any gun would be. The freedom implant's the only one that doesn't really have a legitimate use. The rest of the items (Binary encryption key, energy shield, chameleon jumpsuit, can't remember if there are others) all are very mild and don't really have a ton of direct illegal use.

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