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Bullet Penetration (Phrasing, boom!)


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Just a quick thought, but we should make it so that ballistics of a high enough caliber can pass through windows.

Weapons such as the CR-20, which fires pretty hefty rounds, could penetrate through the windows, but the damage done would be exponentially reduced. This is just a quick suggestion, because well, I am not a big fan of long walls of text, so have at it.

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It's important to note that (the nearest IRL match to the C20's round) .50 AE (12.7×33mm cartridge, 19g pill @ 470 m/s, 2.2 KJ of energy) is not even remotely comparable to .50 BMG (12.7×99mm cartridge, 42g pill @ 923 m/s, 18 KJ) which is what people have been conditioned to expect a ".50" round to be.

.50 AE is, admittedly, as a fairly hot pistol round, one of the ones that might be expected to have a certain degree of scenery-piercing effect, along with the .357.

Not sure how coding would work, or if this isn't already included in NewCode.

I do know the NewCode NewCops battle rifle and anti-materiel rifle have these sorts of collateral damage causing effects, though with the battle rifle it's not so much "gun down filthy sec from behind a wall" as it is "oh fuck that burst just vented the room".

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