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Majestic Sugarlumps

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Mr. Majestic

Character name:

Bryce Hunt (Captain Sugarlumps)

Character age:

51 years of age


Bryce carefully dipped the frosted doughnut into his light blue mug, adorning a yellow rubber duck, and held it above the steaming coffee while waiting for the excess drops of caffeinated fluid to drip off back into the mug. He took the soaked half of the treat and placed it in his mouth, he paused -taking a deep breath through the nose- and absorbed the succulent aroma of this circle of dough. He then bit down and listened contently to the squishing sound of the frosted delight as he chewed it and turned it with his tongue. He savored the flavor, and appreciated the creation. He then swallowed and sighed in content. He loved doughnuts.

He placed the remainder of his treat next to his mug and sat back in his comfy chair. He picked up his mug and took a nice gulp of hot coffee, brewed to perfection. He looked at his mug, it was light blue and rather large in comparison to other mugs. The picture imprinted into the side depicted a yellow rubber duck with a orange beak slightly upturned at the end. He put down his mug and sat back as he observed his office with his hands behind his head. As the steam from his coffee rose softly into the air, he took note of all the odds and ends on his desk. There was his loyal duck, sitting at attention as always in his usual spot next to the box of donuts. Sir Duckens was his name, he wore a official looking cap you would find a captain wearing, only it was fit for a duck, Sir Duckens also wore a pair of stylish captain sunglasses. Yes, this was Bryce's duck. He had it since he was a kid, at first it was just a bath toy, but it soon became a trusted companion and personal close friend. Sir Duckens has actually saved the captain's life more than once, and his advice couldn't be better.

There was also the common desk clutter lying about- pens, paperwork, the usual- his PDA was lying on his right. He picked it up and slid out the pen, spinning it round and round between his fingers. He then stood up and retrieved his well made captain satchel lying in the corner of the room. From it he pulled out a high quality book with gold tipped corners and a shining lock securing it closed. He pulled a key on a piece of string that was hanging around his neck out of his jumpsuit, and turned it around in his hand. He observed it closely, admiring its fine craftsmanship and detail as it glinted in the white light of the office.

Bryce walked back to his desk and placed the book and key in the center, then sat down with a huff as some dust flew off his chair. He picked up the key and unlocked the book and started to leaf through the pages, reading some of the things he had written. He got to a blank page, and sat the book down on his large wooden desk. He took up his pen, and started:

"Captain's diary entry, #89

Today I ate a total of six" Bryce pauses for a moment, "and a half donuts. I continue my search for the best donuts ever to bless this universe with its taste. I checked in the Supreme Donuts factories today, and sampled some of their finest work... It's good, but not great. I dream of one day finding the perfect donut creation, whether it be filled with cream, jelly or just dough. And whether it be topped with sprinkles, icing or both. I know it's out there. Waiting to be discovered, waiting for lips worthy of its magnificence.

For you see, I have acquired a certain set of skills. I won't say these are the best skills but they are skillful skilly skills none the less. This donut of perfection can make itself known and that'll be it. But should this donut continue to allude me, I will track it down. I will find it. And I. Will eat it.

Sir Duckens made a few suggestions, I will soon be looking into the history of donuts further than I have ever looked. Who knows, maybe the perfect donut waits for me in the recipe books of the past and not the present."

Bryce signs his name- or more his nickname: "Captain Sugarlumps." Sugarlumps... He got the nickname in his squad back when he was still very young and worked as a security officer. The rest of the team quickly caught on to his intense love of sweet things- especially doughnuts. With his daily entry finished Bryce closed the book and locked it. He placed it on his desk and stared at it for a few moments, in thought. This was his Donut Diary, he used it to record his progression on his quest to finding the ultimate doughnut, that and the day to day events of his life which usually took place on Nanotrasen Science Station Aurora. A expensive and high tech research station in space with a very odd crew, most days. Genetically messed up Tajarans, mute mines, stuttering officials, people with crazy color hair like purple or cyan, bald and seemingly mentally disturbed criminals, and the strangest events occurred on this establishment. But the doughnuts were good, so he is happy. He smiled slightly, thinking back to all his adventures. He then tucked the book away and strung the key around his neck again.

Bryce leaned back in his chair, and picked up his mug and the last piece of doughnut. He dipped it in his coffee, then popped it into his mouth, first letting the flavor of the dough, the sprinkles and the icing combined with that of the warm coffee dance across his tongue. He then proceeded to chew the piece of deliciousness and allowed the very essence to fill his whole being. With a loud swallow he was content. He downed the last of his coffee and stood up to take a stroll around the station.

Item names:


Sir Duckens

The Duck Mug

Personal Donut Diary

Item descriptions:

Sir Duckens: A important and manly looking duck. He adorns a official looking cap and sunglasses. The hair on the back of your neck tingles as you look at it.

The Duck Mug: A fashionable and reasonably large mug filled with a delicious smelling coffee drink. The mug adorns what looks to be a rubber duck.

Personal Donut Diary: A exquisite book, with corners and a lock that look to be made of actual gold, you can't help but feel that this is not a ordinary book, and that it hides important secrets.

Item Appearances:




Item Functions:

Sir Duckens: Its a duck. Purely for RP. And coz Captain Sugarlumps can get lonely

Duck Mug: Its a mug. Purely for RP. And coz Captain Sugarlumps needs to dip his donuts

Personal Donut Diary: This one would function like a secure brief case. Which only the captain's key (which I have a sprite for, also the diary_locked and diary_unlocked) can open, it is to keep all the captain's sekrits.

Reasons for items requested:

People seem to like Captain Sugarlumps so I want to expand his character, and I added the duck to the game with vars as a jest once. Then I got attached to it- So I'm making it official!

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