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Bolting/shocking doors when shuttle is coming


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There has been an issue lately (at least with me) that I wish to address.

When there is a shuttle call, people and AIs that are traitorous bolt and/or shocks the door to the shuttles and pods, disallowing escape. To me, this is not really a good idea and the laziest way to traitor. There should be no reason really to hinder escape on a called vote. If people aren't allowed to traitor at escape, then this shouldn't be allowed as well.

Which brings up this question: Should messing with the airlocks at escape and the pods be disallowed when the shuttle is called? Please let me know what you think, your opinions, criticisms, suggestions. Thank you.

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Doorshocking escape/killing masses of people shouldn't occur without the proper escalation/reasoning.

Example. Nuke op subverts you and commands you to annhiliate all non-syndicate personnel. Inform the crew that they are a biohazard that must be contained and eliminated. "Oxygen is toxic to humans! Pressure is malignant to humans!"

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