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YouJustGotOwened's Unathi Application

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BYOND Key: YouJustGotOwened

Character Names: Oh boy, long list incoming.

- Valorallen Vitellia, (Captain, Head of Personnel)

- Attia Vitellia, (Captain, Head of Personnel)

- Aefia Vitellia, (Chief Medical Officer, Medical)

- Ri'Kistae Sahir, (Head of Security, Security)

- Zavi Sahir, (Engineering)

- Ciri Sahir, (Civilian)

- Ilena Romanescu (Captain, Chief Medical Officer)

- Eurail Qu-Tup (Captain, Head of Personnel, Research Director)

- Shadow Of The Stars, (Civilian)

- One Who Walks With Rain, (Engineering, Civilian)

- Silvia Romanescu, (CCIA Agent)

- Tpr Isaman, (CCIA Escort)

- Naris Ra'Loram, (Chaplain)

- VitTech Unit-DXCII, (Security Officer, Warden)

- Nicholas Vladimiri, (Civilian)

- Nadia Amari, (Journalist)

- Ellosi Jarami-Tup, (Internal Affairs Agent)

- More people, can't remember them :P


Species you are applying to play: Unathi

What color do you plan on making your first alien character (Dionaea & IPCs exempt): Yes

Have you read our lore section's page on this species?: Lighter greenish

Please provide well articulated answers to the following questions in a paragraph format. One paragraph minimum per question

Why do you wish to play this specific race: Well, I have played as Unathi a few times on some other smaller HRP servers. I liked their mentality and all. I have been thinking about making an application for Unathi for quite sometime but never got around to it due to the massive amount of characters that I had. But since the recent things that have been happening with the Unathi in the news I figured it would be pretty cool to hop in on the roleplay. I also figured that now was a good time to get the whitelist as for now, most of the Vitellians are no longer being played on station due to again, the things in the news.

Identify what makes role-playing this species different than role-playing a Human: Unathi are one of those races that are very culturally different from the Humans in the lore currently. They are one of the most aggressive races and are considered barbaric by the many other species. When you play as an Unathi, there are certain things that many of them do. Many of the Unathi were raised in a sort of Feudal sort of mindset, lord commands the area they are in. Makes all decisions. I have seen some Unathi roleplayed well by being unaccustomed to the commonly accepted culture of humans. ((Sorry for the vague response. Was told in OOC that I was missing this and had to write it really quick 0-0))


Character Name: Yinith Xertius

Please provide a short backstory for this character, approximately 2 paragraphs

Yinith-Gah Xertius (Gah being middle name. Won't be on the actual character) was born on May 12, 2422 back on Moghes in the Uueoa-Esa

under the Izweski Hegemony. Xertius was born before the Contact War and before Moghes was devastated by the nuclear weapons. During the tail end of the Contact War, Xertius, (I believe I did the math right) participated in the fighting that was going on between the different nations. Xertius fought under the Izweski Nation until he was injured in an attack that caused him to be unable to fight during the rest of the war. Xertius eventually managed to make his way off of Moghes to Biesel. Once Xertius arrived to Mendell City, he worked for odd jobs around the city, staying in the low as during those times, Humans were even less trusting of the Unathi and were reluctant to hire them. Within the next year however, Nanotrasen began hiring more Unathi workers for the Space Stations that were in the Tau Ceti system. Due to the combat experience that Xertius had he was assigned to Security Cadet aboard the NSS Exodus. Once his cadetship was completed, he was promoted to Security Officer and worked aboard the NSS Exodus for 3 years until he was transferred to the NMSS Odin where he worked in the lower parts of Odin Security (Not like the CCPD or ERT. Pretty sure those are different from basic Security). After a few more years of working with Nanotrasen, Xertius was caught in an incident where he mistreated an Unathi detainee who was brought into Security. He claims that the Unathi was in the wrong. Nevertheless, the incident was investigated by the CCIA Divison who temporarily put Xertius on suspension to Security Cadet. Nothing else came from the incident besides a 500 credit fine. Since then, there have been no other incidents with Xertius, he has been transferred back to the NSS Exodus in 2457 where he continues to work.


Yinith Xertius' Records

NAME: Yinith Xertius

DATE OF BIRTH: May 12, 2422

AGE: 35


SEX: Male

CITIZENSHIP: Izweski Hegemony and Republic of Biesel

CLEARANCE LEVEL: Staff (Security)

EMPLOYED AS: Security Officer Level 2, Warden Level 1

HEIGHT: 211 cm (6'11")

WEIGHT: 126 kg (277.78 lb)

SCALE: Medium Green

DISTINGUISHING FEATURES: Four scars on chest in the appearance of bullet wounds.

EYES: Black



  • Security - 15 years



  • 2437 - 2438 Served under the Izweski Hegemon military. Discharged after injuries against raiding party



  • 2439 - Contract signed. Security Cadet
  • 2440 - Promotion granted. Security Officer L1
  • 2450 - Promotion granted. Security Officer L2
  • 2450 - Promotion granted. Warden L1
  • 2456 - Promotion granted. Warden L2



  • 2456 - i219 Mistreatment of Prisoners. Had an issue with being overly-zealous with an Unathi prisoner that caused him harm earlier in the shift. Incident investigated by the CCIA Division. Xertius was let off the hook with a 500 credit fine and temporary suspension of Security roles besides Cadet. Suspension has since been lifted with no more issues.






  • 2454 - Admitted to clinic in Mendell City for gunshot wounds after incident with a group of angry Tajara.



  • 2450 - NT Evaluation: Stable
  • 2455 - NT Evaluation: Stable
  • 2458 - Station Transfer Evaluation: Stable



  • Does not wish to have any lost limb replaced by mechanical prosthetic. He claims they are, "Unclean" the psychiatric was unable to get anymore information on what that meant but has decided to put a DNP on him.


What do you like about this character? He is one of the first characters that I have created that actually fought in some sort of military that was not some Nanotrasen Security thing. I am not sure how it will effect him now but I found it interesting.

How would you rate your role-playing ability? I feel that I have a high standard for roleplay and do pretty well with it.

Notes: Sorry for any grammar mistakes. It is late, I am tired and I did this in one sitting. (Like every other app I do :P )

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Might have to hand some bans out if this app isn't accepted ayy lmao.... No but seriously you post critiques/firat impressions on literally every whitelist app ever(please keep doing this). I feel like your RP ability has no room to be questioned when you give so much advice on others.

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I want to say you're aweful so you don't get this, because that means you will play your other characters less, and that makes me sad. I love most of the characters you play, and sometimes I wish I could reach the level you RP in. please if you get this, balance out other characters so you don't deprive us from the joy of those characters. <3

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As I remember from old feedback posts, your opinions are valid. Not too nice to be annoying. Not too rude to put anyone off. You know when to hold 'em and fold 'em. But do you know when to walk away or, god forbid, when to run?

On that note, I can't vividly remember any interaction with your characters. I'm basing much of my judgement on your application and OOC personality. I do remember a few of your character names, but as I said, it's all a blur.

Your character looks to be an Unathi who fits into the lore and fits into the typical roles of an Unathi quite well. It doesn't seem to be lacking anything. I find your inclusion of his full records to be an interesting move. Adds a little to read and go off of.

I believe Yinith fits into the universe quite well. Now to touch on your presentation. How you'll actually have the character act and behave. Ordinarily, I'm not reassured unless I can recall a few rounds of interaction, but your stunningly reasonable OOC persona inspires confidence. Something about it tells me you can handle this whitelist without going too far or abusing it.

I think you'll do fine with this whitelist.

Hopefully I'll end up bumping into another one of your characters again soon enough.

Best of luck defending your honor.


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I have brushed up against a few of Owen's characters, including Silvia (I think) and Zavi, and have enjoyed the little that I have actually interacted with them. OOCly, I've seen Owen role-playing a few times now and feel that, in addition to his OOC attitude, I enjoy having his characters around because they feel both competent and deep enough to be realistic crew members. Due to my lack of in-depth interaction with his characters, however, I will be using the content of his application for the majority of my opinions.

First off, I like that he's willing to get in on the controversy surrounding the unathi people right now. That's fun and interesting. Despite the rushed nature of the "different than humans" section, I also feel like he has a handle on the general differences between unathi and human culture. The biography is detailed, as well as the security records and general background information. I am wary of how this character's past military experiences are planned to affect his current workplace interactions, but feel like you have enough experience with role-playing to be able to do something interesting and fun with the idea. All things considered, I hope that you'll be able to provide the station with detailed and character-driven Unathi crewmembers, so I'm giving my approval.

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Guest Complete Garbage

Definite +1. Both on the forums, and on the server, you are one of the best examples of what a community member should strive to be. I've not had a single negative interaction with any of your characters, and this application is very well-written(Well, for the most part :P). You always seem to create great roleplay, and I can't wait to see what you do with this character.

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