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Contracted Mercenaries

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Type (e.g. Planet, Faction, System):

Faction (various corporations)

Founding/Settlement Date (if applicable): inapplicable

Region of Space: Sol System (not limited to , but where most HQs are)

Controlled by (if not a faction):

Various Corporations

Other Snapshot information:

Mercenaries in the NT Security Force.

Long Description:

Mercenaries have been working with various other mega corporations since day one. Einstein engines , even Vey-Med , have been using contracted corporation mercenaries to do their bidding. Mercenaries should now be contracted within the NT security force. There is nothing special about them: they are treated as any other NT security employee. They are treated as any other employee , with the exception of them having to wear an armband (or another type of clothing item) to signify that they are not NT employees. They will be allowed to have a full corporation Liason office located next to the IAAs office , were there will be a Liason , and they will report there periodically. When it comes into term of arresting mercenaries who broke NT regulations , it is required to inform the Liason of their crimes , and they will Fax the corporation they belong to , and then they will be fired and extradited back to their corporation. This applies to major crimes only. (They might receive some special equipment , but only if we can implement a whitelist for them.). (Additionally , extradite might be an during-shift thing , and that might be removed.)

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