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[Revise] Alpha Centauri System

Guest 1138

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Type (e.g. Planet, Faction, System): System

Founding/Settlement Date (if applicable): Inapplicable.

Region of Space: Inner/Middle colonies.

Controlled by (if not a faction): Non-standard faction/Sol Alliance contest the Centauri systems.

Other Snapshot information:

-Composed of multiple sentient races, including those not currently in our lore.

-Whilst several political powers are present, the Alpha Centauri Commonwealth /claims/ the most influence. Is not the sovereign power over the system, however, the Sol Alliance has interests in the sector regarding terraforming and seizure of the acrynoids.

-5 settled planets, each varying in diversity and development. There are dotted, undeveloped settlements on several of the planet's moons and immobile satellites. 5 of the worlds are affected by a gravity center span that keeps all five planets in alignment, as well as solar relays that distribute equal amount of sun to each planet, maintaining an accurate space date and season for each planet. Additionally, the planets' revolution speed is altered so that each planet revolves around the sun at the same time. However, each planet's days are either longer or shorter as a result of this.

-Overall developmental is low-medium. However, the five core planets of the system are the most developed in the system, but they are not yet even close to rivaling the technological level of the Alliance or NanoTrasen Corporated. What makes the system somewhat special and more desirable is a type of nanitical resource known as acrynoids. When applied to certain electronic circuits or devices, the acrynoids assume a parasitical relation with the device, changing its composition and nature as a whole. However, as a result, the newly tampered technology is impossible to reverse-engineer. The results of an acrynoid attempting to change the makeup of a device are varied from either completely revolutionary, utterly and completely deadly, to having no worth whatsoever. It is the most trial-and-error technology known to date. Acrynic experimentation is very dangerous in itself, and no known sentient civilization has yet tamed the practice that is acrynic augmentation. The ACCW is developing new technology regarding hyperspatial plane transferal, a revolutionary technology that may even outdate bluespace before it is even mastered. However, the drawback is thusly. Without a gravitational field to propel the vessel back to the 3D world, the vessel could remain trapped within the plane for eons. Within a hyperspatial plane, the known laws of time and physics are completely irrelevant. It has its own set of rules, and nothing is what it seems.

-Points of interest:

New Dominion:

Dominant Human population, trade hub/embassy for the sector. New Dominion politicians and trade barons have attempted to make their own independent currency from the galactic credit. Coin-like nanites known as "nodes" transfer data and information of the finances of the owner and assist in purchases. However, the system still uses credits over 'nodes', as counterfeiters have found a way to steal identities and another person's funds via running a high-power magnet across it, breaking the security restraints. New Dominion is a T2 planet, and is considered to be the most livable, if not only, planet in the system.

Novvy Pkhedoc: Home to roguish races or persons, Unathi, Tajaran, and another race not yet OK'd, possesses the most advanced intelligence agency in the system. However, as a result of the culture of the native sentient species, thievery and deception are glorified as the highest values of this society. Making one believe in something is more important than the truth of that something. As a result, the culture is relatively lawless and has zero restrictions on smuggling. In fact, pirating is encouraged! The planet is engulfed with rolling plateaus and swampland. Many deadly and toxic wildlife dot the planet, including in the very cities themselves, where they are glorified as national animals.

Hahaldoc: Home to specifically religious/zealous individuals, as well as another race. Fanatical believers in peace, and it possesses the largest shipyard in the sector, yet the entire fleet is quite small and not very well-armed in raw comparison to the Sol Alliance's or the Corporation's own fleet. Native sentient population highly endangered. The culture revolves around the Three Virtues of the Tribune Baanana. The Right to Live, the Right to Motivation, and the Right to Determine Virtues. The planet is extremely beautiful and well-preserved by the native populace, with strict laws against littering or neglect of preserving the planet's beauty. Though it markets itself as a peacemaking society, it isn't afraid to dispatch the Hahaalian Justicars, a quintessential death squad that often patrols the sector to neutralize public enemies of the state or the Commonwealth. In order for the Justicars to be dispatched, the chief executive him or herself must sever a finger or toe from their body to indicate the Holy Sacrifice to make the galaxy a better place.

Tarrok Bardok: Home to warriors and heroes alike, Unathi being the largest minority, not much on heavy thinking. Fervent and fanatical believers in power, discouraging of mind over matter. Extremely strict and unmerciful laws. Standing Army is very large and highly trained, though not focused on ingenuity and creativity. The planet itself is quite barren and devoid of flora and fauna. Atmosphere generators keep the planet at an average of 140 degrees Fahrenheit, and humidity at an extreme low. Not livable for humans, Tajaran or Skrell. EVA hardsuit is required to even step outside. Brutal, but useful soldiers are bred. Home to another race that Tablespoon needs to OK before I even consider going to work on.

Illidonia: Home to scientific minds, brilliant mathematicians and heavy-thinking philosophers. Home of the Ultimarubik's cube, a 188-sided rubik's cube. Only five humanoids in existence have completed it in their lifetime, the shortest time being 48 years. Four died hours after completing it. The environment of the planet is mostly dotted with massive cities connecting to each other, with no habitats for wildlife. Instead, the dominant race itself houses the wild animals in massive zoos for all to observe. The environments are controlled yet at the same time very wide-spread, allowing for the animals to roam, dance, and kill each other as they see fit. The zookeepers do not intervene unless a species is in danger of extinction. Due to the massive size of buildings in the cities and a lack of a view of the sky in most areas, the sun or the moon is almost never visible and the atmosphere of the planet is always in murky purple darkness with searchlights making the sky flash with brilliant colors. Each city connects to each other on the planet, and therefore the cities are split into named districts based on population density, concentration of specialities/types of workers/professionals, and/or general development of the planet. Home to yet another race Tablespoon needs to OK.

Long Description:

If you wish for me to detail celestial bodies and inhabitable/less developed planets, please tell me. I'll definitely draft it. A lot of this was brainstorming.

edit: delta was stupid and decided to draft something without spare time in the middle of the night. do not give gum gum to dumb dumb. repaired a few issues, still have yet to finish fixing stupidity and making the system less snowflakey and more interesting and with clear flaws.

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As the planet and systems guy, I've gone ahead and called the Centauris uninhabitable lorewise. Triple star systems tend not to be great harborers of life. They also tend not to have planets. Speaking of which, Jesus fucking christ, all those planets. Sol having 8 planets is a celestial anomaly, how do you expect to get 28 planets? Especially colonized planets? In real life, the system only has 1 planet, and it's completely uninhabitable.

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Alpha Centauri is the closest star system to Earth. It is in no way, shape or form an outer or frontier colony. They would not have technology and fleets better than NT or the Sol Alliance.

Honestly, this looks like you trying to put an entire galaxy's worth of races and planets in one system; in a very poorly thought out and unplanned way.

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Guest Marlon Phoenix

What the others said. 28 planets is extremely silly; we've only seen a single planet there, and having 27 more pop up would not make any sense. Alpha Centauri is also the closest star to the Sol system, so there's no way it can be on the 'fringe'.

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Jesus, 1138, if you really want it, I could potentially make the solitary planet in the Centauri system somewhat habitable and possessing a colony. But inventing random planets in a system that's pretty hostile to life as we know it, and then making each and every one of them home to a cookie cutter stereotype where every single individual living on them is exactly the same in disposition and dogma is a no-no.

EDIT: Nevermind, it turns out that Alpha Centauri Bb would just be an earth-sized ball of molten magma orbiting the largest and hottest star of a trinary system at an extremely close range of 0.04 astronomical units, nowhere near the habitable zone of any of them.

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relatively the same size, with the except that A and B possess temperatures that nearly double that of our own sun.

the system is inhabitable, i'll write this off as myself being a dumb-dumb once again and asking for far too much

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