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Contracted Mercenaries


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Think of what NT has achieved so far since its birth. They are almost the most influential company in the Milky Way and Andromeda Galaxy. They have millions of employees , and have contracted specialists from other companies such as vey-med , Einstein engines , etc.

sometimes NanoTrasen needs help with its security forces. Although they are considered some of the finest , have a fair salary , and are para-military in their own terms , they simply sometimes do not have the required manpower. Now , look at today's world. Governments and companies hire mercenaries left and right. From the war against Saddam and securing cargo ships from Somali pirates , mercenaries are everywhere.

Now , let's get to the suggestion at hand here.

NT has decided to contract mercenaries from various Private Military Orginazations. From huge companies that have flourished like the late 20th century Blackwater company , to new interstellar companies that have just started in recent years. Mercenaries (if hired by NT) should be treated as a normal NT employee , and should not be higher or lower in status than other Officers. They are virtually the same , (except that they should probably be required to wear some sort of company logo or armband or something.) (they could also be allowed to have laser pistols or something of the sort supplied be the organization , but only if they have a whitelist for the priveledge of these weapons)

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It isn't even an 'almost' the most influential, they ARE the most influential, they're so important to the economy that the SA let Tau Ceti separate from the Alliance after NanoTrasen threatened to cut industrial ties with them if they refused the Republic's request to be independent.

NanoTrasen has it's own PMC, NanoTrasen Fleet Security, it has it's own paramilitary chain of command and admiralty, and currently operates as the Republic of Biesel's military, along with Odin's ERT division. While not the largest PMC in the galaxy, it's not exactly weak either. I'll also point out that lore wise, NT had some contracts with StamTech, but those were cancelled after Jamison Stamos fucked up at work and lied on his records and something about fraud.

If you want to play a Merc, join as a visitor with nice records, and hope that the Captain or HoP is willing to take you on as a bodyguard, or give you functional deputy status within the Security Department.


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They are almost the most influential company in the Milky Way and Andromeda Galaxy


Wait, what? I never heard once that anyone in the Andromeda Galaxy was even a thing. Also, no, there really is no reason. I feel like Nanotrasen wouldn't do this.

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