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Interstellar Aid Corps

Guest Marlon Phoenix

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Guest Marlon Phoenix

Creating this so people have an official way to 'buy-into' it, since quite a few people said they'd like to in OOC. Lore writer powers mean this is already canon anyway, nerds

Type (e.g. Planet, Faction, System):

Non-Government Organization - Red Cross: In Space.

Founding/Settlement Date (if applicable):

January 5th, 2320

Region of Space:

Everywhere sentient races have a footing. Their 'headquarters' is on Luna, in the Sol Alliance.

Controlled by (if not a faction):

NGO - it's controlled only by its Chairman Tyler Henderson and the board of directors.

Other Snapshot information:

It's an aid corps that provides medical and humanitarian aid to war/disaster/poverty hit areas.

It was established after the Luna Convention of Galactic Law following the fall of Earth. Its members are protected under Galactic Law as aid workers, and cannot be shot at or hindered needlessly.

It is a proudly apolitical organization. Its healthcare workers heal soldiers and civilians of all sides, and even have a presence in some areas controlled by pirates or bandits.

It was 112 million volunteers and staff.

Long Description:

The Interstellar Aid Corps is protected by Galactic Law as a humanitarian organization. It is all kinds of illegal to open fire or attack anything wearing the IAC emblem, and doing so counts as a war crime. To keep things simple: if you understand the Geneva Conventions and the Red Cross/Crescent, this operates in the same manner. They recruit doctors, surgeons, nurses, and other support personnel to conduct humanitarian missions. They often work side-by-side with other humanitarian organizations, but that is not required. They are nearly universally recognized by their emblem: the light-blue cross.

Characters that would work/do work for the IAC could be many things: Surgeon, general doctor, aid worker, ambulance driver, or anything in a 'support' role. Actual 'staff' of the IAC would most likely retain aspects of the apoliticalness that the organization demands. Volunteers would be expected to have apoliticalness, but aren't held to the same OOC standard. Obviously things like "All [x] should die" or "overthrow [y]" aren't things that should be said while volunteering for them, but after you stop doing so all you can do is get other volunteers/workers mad at you for it.

Characters of mine that have or are working in the IAC:

Greg Ryan - worked as a surgeon based primarily in 'troubled' regions. (IE he worked on a lot of gunshot wounds and things)

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