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Sadistic Nightmare's Tajaran Whitelist

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BYOND Key: Sadistic Nightmare

Character Names: Too many to list, current main is Raymond Carthas

Species you are applying to play: Tajaran

What color do you plan on making your first alien character (Dionaea & IPCs exempt): Dark purple RGB 54:16:0 / HTML:#361000 (Dark reddish-brown)

Have you read our lore section's page on this species?: Yes.

Please provide well articulated answers to the following questions in a paragraph format. One paragraph minimum per question

Why do you wish to play this specific race: I've spent almost 9 years playing Space Station. The last 3 of them have been in trying to find a decent server to play on occasionally. Hence, I've been with this server for about 2 years now, and even though I'm infamous for good reasons, I feel it's time I indulge in some things I would've otherwise never tried had I not still been here after several bans, complete character losses, and a warning. If that doesn't show a willingness to be here, then I guess it at least shows how patient and forgiving the server is.

I'm applying not because I want to make a difference or be known, I just want to try something different, be a little less of a shadow on the wall with a different name every week. Who knows, maybe it'll keep me here instead of leaving and coming back every other weekend like a stray cat.

Identify what makes role-playing this species different than role-playing a Human: You roll your R's and act like an edgy foreigner. Just kidding. You're actually in every sense but the word a cat-beast. You're generally treated kinder / meaner / more passionately (Not sexually) than other humans due to your ICly being an outsider. You're expected to work harder and get paid less for being most-widely-known among the humans as a slave race. As opposed to honour and strength, you're religion and history, and sometimes diplomacy.

But as for actually role-playing a Tajaran, you go in thinking you'll just be this quiet figure who only talks to other Tajara and avoids getting too involved with the human crew only to realize in every action you do, you have to befriend them, and work with them to get what they want. An extra miner? Expect co-workers and someone always asking about your homeworld when you take a five minute break in the bar. A scientist? Pfft. Enjoy the AI calling your species out for diluting sample-work due to shedding, or the Director saying you're too brutish (or too snowflakey) to handle the job. And then there's Security, everyone wanting to send in the Tajara and Unathi first for their animalistic rage and highly-sought strategic intelligence. In truth, there's no area aboard the Research Station in which you're not working with humans. So why be different? What forces people to take on this non-human role?

Simple: It introduces character, it makes story-time easier, both to make up the stories and to get people to listen to them. This is a race that gets attention whether they like it or not literally because they're so different than humans. They're funner, they're meaner, they typically don't understand human slang. They're generally played by furries and people who've never seen nor played the Star Commander series. But I am and I have, so that's a bit of a bonus on my side I guess. Still, I've had 9 years of experience on my side, I'm positive I won't sink below or exceed expectations.


Character Name: Rami'ri Rezah

Please provide a short backstory for this character, approximately 2 paragraphs Just a preface, this character was one of my first, and hasn't been touched in years, so I may be rusty when coming back. But like all good characters, you learn their personality through experience, not explanation.

Preface aside, Rami'ri Rezah (Rami Rezza, if you're a fellow oldfag and remember the character) was relatively young when she was hired, or more-or-less conscripted into working aboard Nanotrasen. In her youthfulness, she's seen the death of her parents in a bloody civil-war, the revitalization of her 'dead' world, and the meal-ticket that was a Nanotrasen job application. Back when she was first hired, she took job as an experience, a live-fast-die-young one at that. Constantly drinking, socializing, helping a young Unathi find his way through life after his adoptive father died from a genetic disorder similar to cancer. At some point she had to stop drinking, not because she had nothing to drink to any more, but because 10 years of alcoholism and partying does a lot to someone. And had she not stopped sooner, she would most likely not have been here to re-apply for work within the Biesel Sector.

She came back, if only because the well of money that kept her nice apartment block on Tiramai-Crux Station Eight had dried up a lot sooner than she'd calculated. But maybe it's not all about the money. Old habits die hard, and ten-year-long ones die harder. Maybe she misses the drink, maybe the friends, maybe she wants to see another young out-of-place Unathi fall in love and live a life as good as she's got, even better than she has right now. Borderline homeless, constantly pressured into picking up a drink to forget the past, the bills, the neighbor's kid next door that pulls her tail when she needs to get her attention. Life is rough when you're in your prime.

What do you like about this character? Besides being biased and saying 'everything', I've had this character for almost 9 years now and I've only played her on a handful of occasions. She's the only character I've played to-the-letter with very careful watching of my own playthrough as to not step out of line in-character. Not that I have a problem with stepping out-of-character, but sometimes it's hard to roll your R's while the station's under attack, or you're not exactly feeling your character but still want to try. I've never had a slip-up as this Tajaran, and on top of it being my oldest alium, I figured I'd give it a try.

How would you rate your role-playing ability? Personally, it varies. 6/10? 7/10? Nobody generally wants to roleplay with my greaser main so I just stick to working but I do put in an emote of action every now and again, mostly when nobody's looking.

Notes: Probably half of this Tajaran Whitelist belongs in this section. So yeah, first whitelist in a while. Been here 2 years, had several bans and a warning, I've appealed them a few times but as Skull once pointed out, 'My name is always going to be a google search away no matter how good I make this look'. So I guess enjoy reading lots of past-writings, 'trollings' and otherwise just uncanny ban appeals through the near 10 years I've played this spaceman sim. I'm personally doubtful I'll get the whitelist but I'm willing to work with critique and suggestions if anyone has any. I might rewrite some parts tomorrow / the day after if I have time (I work tomorrow).

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Pretty solid roleplayed from what I've seen, AFAIK, this round be the first alien species he's played on Aurora? At the very least, the first one I've seen. Regardless, I think they've got what it takes. I am interested in hearing what positions you plan for them to fill, though? The back story seemed relatively vague concerning this.

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Pretty solid roleplayed from what I've seen, AFAIK, this round be the first alien species he's played on Aurora? At the very least, the first one I've seen.

Well, I used to play a gay unathi who got SCP-173 spawned on him for kissing some cuban character I can't remember. But, you know, that was mostly just me fucking around and testing limits back when the server was a baby compared to it's current state.


I am interested in hearing what positions you plan for them to fill, though? The back story seemed relatively vague concerning this.

Given the backstory of the character revolves around someone who's had no weapons or fighting experience and was an admitted alcoholic/party-holic, I'll most likely stick to jobs that have social areas within them, such as Cargo, Mining, Gardening, Engineering apprenticeship, most likely Science as well. Definitely no Security or Command roles, for obvious reasons. Medical's a definite maybe though I'd need some reasoning as to why she'd be interning at a hospital given it's kind of stupid to have a doctor that won't doctor because they'd rather party/drink/ERP. Will partially re-write the story soonish (Gimme an hour).

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Guest Marlon Phoenix


You sent me a PM asking me for feedback. I do apologize for taking so long! I read your PM while on break at work, and I tend to forget PM's if they're not still marked as unread by the time I actually sit down and log onto the forum later in the day.


obody generally wants to roleplay with my greaser main


Playing a greaser is actually the best way into my heart

Your character herself seems to be well-thought you. You obviously have a history with this character, and I imagine that the original unathi is someone else's character too! Already established, and you don't paint her flaws as having some sort of advantage or used as a justification for anything bewildering. A solid character.

My best suggestion would be to try to portray how this is all in relation to the culture she's surrounded by, both Adhomai and Tau Ceti. She is, after all, caught between two worlds.

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Guest Marlon Phoenix
Small bump, it's been roughly 24 hours? 27? I'm not good at time, even moreso when it's not my native timezone.


An ideal whitelist is posted, gains feedback, and a decision is made on the third day of its posting by its appropriate species overseer.

If an application has sat without loredev comment or decision after 4 days you are encouraged to PM me, the Loremaster, with a link to your species application with a comment that it's been 4 days since it was originally posted. I try to only tend to the Unathi apps since that's my direct responsibility and knowledge, and the other species are regulated to other loredevs, but if I'm PM'd about an app that has set for 4 days I will make an immediate decision or assume responsibility for the whitelist in question as soon as I am able.

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My best suggestion would be to try to portray how this is all in relation to the culture she's surrounded by, both Adhomai and Tau Ceti. She is, after all, caught between two worlds.

While I'm quoting just this small bit, I want to not only say thank you for the feedback, but also that I'm referencing the whole of your feedback in this, as opposed to just what I've quoted.

Anyway, for starters I'm not explictly certain she's surrounded by her Tajaran culture (Unless she picks some cats-drink-free day to work on the station or something), but I will definitely keep ideas for how she interacts and explores her personal feelings on Ahdomai and Tau Ceti since it has been a roughly 10-year 'retirement' from Station work. Nothing induces creativity and curiosity better than co-workers / social bonds.

As for the other Unathi character, I will admit he's one of my own, with a lore not exactly friendly with this station's lore (hence why I'm applying for the Tajaran instead of him). Still, it's a character dear to my heart given how it's influenced certain things within my personal life. Though I guess playing Space Station for almost 10 years will do that to people.

And on the bump, I've only nudged the post in hopes someone else comes along and offers insight / critique. I'm doubting I'll get any more feedback than I currently do now but I will give it 4 days to sit and wait for another loredev to come along before I ask for an actual decision (An official one, not a personal 'what do you think' decision), but I will say in advance apologies if I bump a day early / a few days late - I've been horrible with time recently.

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