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[DEV UPDATE] Contract Access

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A tall man with long blond hair and dark blue eyes appears on the video screen.

I am happy to announce that we are working on a new interface that allows our operators in the field to access the contract database and submit reports to it.

The development of the main interface is proceeding well and a "public" alpha can be expected in a few weeks.

While we are working hard on the main interface, another team is currently in the process of redesigning the syndicate uplink.

The syndicate uplink will allow you to see all active contracts and open the main interface to submit reports/messages to the contract thread.

The goal is to provide a powerful and yet userfriendly interface.

This is why our interface will work on your mobile devices as well as your regular full sized terminals.

We have also added to option to log into the main interface with your existing syndicate uplink credentials.

And last but not least we have added a single sign on option to our syndicate uplinks. This means, that if you are using a syndicate uplink you can log into the main interface with the press of a single button. No need to enter user credentials while you are in a hurry.

This concludes my message.

If you have any questions or concerns, please respond to to this thread.

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LOGIN >> devel01

PASSWORD >> *****************






After a short duration of static the man from the first announcement appears on the video screen again.

Today is a great day as I can announce that we have released the first beta of the new syndicate contract system.

As of today the syndicate contract system consists of two parts:

* The main interface which is accessible with you existing credentials ((Login with the same username and password that you use for the forum))

* The Mobile Access Device, more on that later.

Main Interface

The Main Interface is accessible via this link

It allows you to securely post contracts and submit reports on existing contracts.

Future updates will include:

* Messaging system - To inform contractees and contractors of changes to contracts they own / are subscribed to.

* The ability to upload pictures

* The automation of the payment process (right now both parties have to manually exchange the payment after the contract has been completed)

* A few other things, that we do not want to announce to the public right now.

The basic process is as follows:

* A Contractor uploads a new Contract to the Main Interface

* A Contract moderator verifies that the contract meets our standards.

* After verification the contract is shown to all potential contractors

* From this time on every contractor can post a variety of message types:

** ((IC)) Comment - To clarify questions, ...

** ((IC)) Failure Report - To report that the contract has been attempted but the attempt was unsuccessful

** ((IC)) Completion Report - To report that the contract has successfully been completed.

*** After this message has been posted, the author or a contract mod can verify the completion and mark the contract as closed or reopen it

** ((IC)) Cancel Contract - The author or a contract mod can cancel the contract.

** ((OOC Comment - Self explaining))

** ((Mod-Author PM - A private Message between the author and the moderator. Can only be posted and seen by the author and mods))

* Once a Completion Report has been posted, the author can accept or reject the completion of the contract.

** If the completion of the contract is rejected, the author is required to post why the completion report has been rejected.

** If the contract is marked as completed, both parties have to exchange the payment for the contract.

Mobile Interface:

As announced earlier we also started the development of a mobile access device (MAD for short).

This device will allow you to see a overview of all available contracts while you are on the go.

It is integrated with your normal syndicate uplink.

- Watch for the new contracts menu point.

A limited beta will be started this week.

Once our test subjects have confirmed the device to be working we will initiate the rollout of the MAD´s.

We expect the roll-out to be completed by the start of April.

Important Notes:

* The device will provide read-only access to the contract db.

* There will be a option to sign into the Main Interface with the click of a button provided you meet the following requirements:

** You need a Account on the Uplink / Messaging System (Forum Account)

** Your uplink account needs to be linked to your ingame passport (byond ckey)

** To link your Account you have to submit a linking request on this page

** Your PDA will connect to the stations wifi and display a pending linking request the next time you board a NT Station.

** (You will get a message on connect once the code is live. --> Just submit the request and wait until the code is live)

About the contracts:

If your (ingame) contracts are still valid, you are encouraged to move them to the new system for the following reasons:

* Increased visibility for contractors

* Stats collection ((We collect the people who submit and complete the most contracts. Later on we plan to add some gimmicks for those who use the system.))

If you have any questions or concerns, please reply.

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LOGIN >> devel01

PASSWORD >> *****************






The same guy from the previous messages appears on the video screen again

Today I can announce the release of 0.2.0 of the main interface.

We have added some of the most requested features:

  • Notifications
  • Images



Starting from now on, contract moderators are notified when a new contract is posted.

This should speed up the approval process.

We have also added the option to subscribe to contracts to be notified when a update is posted.

You are automatically subscribed to a contract if you are the author of the contract or if you post on a contract.


It is now possible to post images on contract comments.

You can only post one image per comment.

If you want to add a image as contract author, please make a ((IC)) comment with said image.

Other Changes

You can now log in again with your syndie ((forum)) credentials.

As always, if you have any questions, please post below.

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I get an error code 500 when I try to submit a contract. I dont think these are going through. If the sites been seized and nobody told us, the badges aint gettin shit on me and the admins are gettin creased.

Nobody else use this contract system until it gets tooled. Honeypots are heavy shit.

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