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Nanotrasen and Religious Freedom

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So my question is simple: How far would Nanotrasen go to enforce religious freedom? Would they discriminate someone from getting a higher-paid job due to their religious beliefs, assuming it was a set of harmless, or altruistic but crazy ideals?

I want to make a dedicated Chaplain/Quartermaster/Cargo-tech and don't understand if they could reasonably fluctuate between the three or not. They definitely would have the age since i'd make them old, but the question to the top is holding me back, because I feel like Nanotrasen is the type of company that would stop someone who believed that strongly in something from ever getting a job like Quartermaster regardless of their skills/training. So I need official input.

Another question in the same vein, the Psychiatric Evaluations... Do they target religion in anyway? By qualifications it's not that difficult to make and justify a character for Quartermaster/Cargo-tech, but I still want this question answered before I do it, because I really don't want to make a character everyone disapproves of.

So depending on input i'll decide if I make them just a Chaplain and bench them for rounds that Chaplain is taken.

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Guest Marlon Phoenix

Your religion can't be disruptive or dangerous If it's reasonable enough to not have security's wrath brought down, it's allowed. This is one of those self-policing situations: if the Chaplain is disruptive and a continuous turd because his religion demands he stab an orphan every 15 minutes or something, then he'll be brigged and/or fired.

So basically as long as the chaplain follows regulations and doesn't get fired his religion is of super little interest to Nanotrasen.

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