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[Expired] Hello!

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BYOND Key: Evilzero83

Total Ban Length: Perm

Banning staff member's Key: deatacita

Reason of Ban: Plasma grief

Reason for Appeal: New to the server. Used to play way back in the day before they even released the source code and all these new stations popped up. Server was lagging terribly in extended. I'm assuming it was the 50 cleaning bots running around the station. I'm still getting used to all the new features. Its a lot different then I remember. I got stuck in Science after I was playing around in one of the closets with spare canisters. I wasn't attempting to destroy anything but the room locked down and I couldn't get out. It said something about the pressure being to high. It wasn't intentional but I got stuck and didn't know how to get out and I assume I died. I really don't know I logged after I passed out. Anyway I hope you guys retract the ban I'm really enjoying the new SS13 and the community that you have on the server. Thanks!

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Wish the ban description would've been a bit more... descriptive. Anyway, a few facts, since I was there.

You were playing a geneticist. You stole an ID, broke into Toxin Storage (an area you normally do not have access to), and then started opening canisters, before trying to set them on fire with a welder.

While you have an interesting definition of "playing around a closet with spare canisters, not trying to destroy anything" (especially since the canister that was moved out of the way and fully opened happened to contain plasma), I'd like you to explain to me how exactly that constituted heavy-roleplay, and how you can steal someone else's ID, break into one of the areas that contains some of the most dangerous equipment on the server, and open the one container that happens to contain plasma, all of that by accident.

Figure this out, and then we can talk more.

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