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Mount & Blade II: Bannerlord


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Mount and Blade II: Bannerlord is on its way, and now instead of occasional screenshots and such we have a full 30 minute gameplay demo. As you can see if you watch the video, the graphics are gorgeous (compared to previous Mount and Blade titles) and there is a significant increase in customization options for ones character. Amazingly enough, they've even added Faces that move! But jokes aside, I'm hyped for this new game. Set years before Mount and Blade: Warband, this is a prequel which takes place sometime around or before the Empire of Calradia which everyone is trying to reform in Warband. However, the map has been expanded farther eastward, and all though many of the factions are reminiscent of their future selves, they are rather different. Thoughts? Hype? Let's discuss!

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Can't say I'm not a tad disappointed that they decided that they had to put in another horse-archer faction.

So much irritation and annoyance from that lot.

Hope they fix the part where lords keep their own troops regardless of their faction, very annoying when you're fighting Vaegirs and SUDDENLY KHERGITS HAPEN

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Hmmm, someone asked about factional units, but I don't think I remember what was said on the subject. It was in the Q&A at the end, or the question may have been about towns and cultures. I do really hate the Khergits, but mostly out of annoyance rather than difficulty. In Sieges they were the absolute worst, and as Rhodoks I was always able to handle them.

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[bannerlord is set 200 years before Warband. Players who followed Warband's lore will recall that Calradia was once an empire, which declined and was supplanted by successor states -- tribal confederations-turned-kingdoms -- much as the Western Roman Empire was supplanted by early medieval states. Bannerlord lets you join those rising kingdoms at an early stage in their development, and it also lets you join the Empire. Weapons, armor, clothes and architecture should date from around 600 to 1100 AD, rather than the 13th century. There's the Vlandians, a tribe whose chieftains have become feudal lords and are renowned for their skills as heavy cavalry. There's the Sturgians, who colonized the forests of the north and specialize in axe- and sword-armed footmen. The Aserai live in the scrubland and desert oases of the south and fight on both horseback and foot. The Khuzaits, a steppe tribe that conquered the trading cities of the east, make heavy use of horse archers. The Battanians meanwhile are skilled in exploiting their native woodlands, and are deadly in ambushes, be it a shower of arrows or a screaming charge out of the trees. The Empire has spent generations honing the arts of combined-arms warfare, with cataphracts, spear formations, and archers all doing their part on the battlefield.



There doesn't really seem to be any new archetypes, just the old gang with new looks.

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Yeah, but the archetypes that were available were pretty diverse. Maybe an Asiatic faction would be interesting, but I think the setting is actively working to prevent weebs from entering. Calradia, faction-wise, is pretty much thirteenth century Europe, minus Byzantium. I'm still pretty excited about the polish, but I hope there aren't horrible glitches like in warband. Like becoming Emperor of Calradia, but the last faction won't go away even though they have no land and their only lord is nowhere on the map...

I also, need this game in my life.

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All Mount and Blade games are thoroughly modded to hell because they're very open to it. Paradox Studios is very open to modders, and even hires them to make expansions such as the Mount and Musket mod team making Napoleonic Wars and the Brytennwald team making Viking Conquest. So, it's more than safe to say there will be plenty of support for a vibrant modding community given their sublime track record with the modding community in the past.

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