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Game crashed twice



So, earlier today - like half an hour ago or so - I logged on to the game hoping for some lazy fun times. I sat through the commercial as usual, saw everything start up, got to the screen with those familiar options - set up character, ready, etc. - and then I had to step away from the computer for like ten minutes. When I got back, the whole thing was frozen - couldn't even move the mouse, which was stuck on its little 'loading' wheel. I hard-reset the computer (these things happen sometimes) and got back in again, restoring my Chrome session and everything.

This time, when I got back in, the game didn't give me a chance to fool around. Within 30 seconds of loading up and getting through the commercial, my screen actually started to go static - it had a regular tesselated static pattern on top of the image, which went 256-color - and my cooling fans went crazy. I hard-reset again, tried to start the computer, and before I hit the login the screen went blank and the cooling fans went crazy again.

I finally managed to start my computer again - now for the fourth time today, opening in safe mode - and now, just as a shot in the dark, I'm going back to an older version of my video driver. (Apropos of nothing, possibly, I'd been playing a lot of Elite: Dangerous lately, and while I used to be able to run it on Ultra with no problem, since downloading the newest video driver it's been chugging pretty badly at medium.) Is there any other possibility? I'm not going to run BYOND again until I'm sure.

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If you're using NVidia, then I heard that one of their latest drivers had really bad issues. But there's a beta version to fix it. You'd have to google to find exactly which version was sour.

As far as the issues themselves, I honestly haven't got a clue. Your card may also be pepsi. If you've ruled out software issues, then yanking out your present video card and using a temporary replacement would be the next step in troubleshooting it.

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