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Hats Off to Nanako

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So I'm trawling the forums during class like a good student should, and I see this name I'm not familiar with. So, as I'm looking at this Nanako person (or internet-capable dolphin, I'm not judging) and seeing thei comments redbar already filling, something catches my eye. From the time I'm writing this, Nanako has made 135 posts to our forums. And then I see that they joined our wonderful, dysfunctional little family TWENTY DAYS AGO. IS Nanako a returning player I missed at some point? OR is Nanako the Prophesized One, the being spoken of in legends? The one who will conquer the forums, fill the redbar, and, heaven forbid, be declared the One True King/Queen/Internet-Capable Dolphinlord of OTD?

Seriously though, insane rambling aside, cheers to Nanako for being a devoted contributor and whatnot.

Update: Writing this off a two-day sleep deprivation thingy due to school and life deciding to loot, pillage, and burn my sleep schedule's village.

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Nanako is a completely new player. It is insane. I remember people talking about it in OOC one day and they said that they were going pretty slow compared to what they normally do for most forums. Definitely our prophesied one.

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