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The Tell-Tale Honk

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This was my original story, I had it planned for Bokaza's writing contest... But... Fuck it. I'm showing it to everyone.


It's better if you listen to old friend of mine reads this.

Once upon a time... I lived in a dark, dark shadow of the station. So cold that freeze a mice would freeze to death. From shadows, orange haired showed up, a white hideous face with a big red nose. There, he rises with a pink shirt with yellow stripes and big pink pants and large shoes. Is this a joke or something? Here he shout, "HOOOONK." So, he shouted. He nearly made me faint from his stupidity. As he runs into a Security Member, I stood, watching, as the clown shoves me aside, dropping a banana peel. Then, would cause a Security Member to fall. Most security members are coming from the back, the clown runs out of the maintenance and runs, and runs, and runs, toward to Central Hallway. Then, one Security Officer tells to another Security Officer about the idea, why don't we just intersect and cut them him off? And the Security Officer Said, "RELEASE THE BEEPSKY!" Ten Beepskys swarms down the hallway, chasing the clown. But, the clown was too fast for the beepsky, until then he slipped a bystander who happened to be antagonist and got humiliated by his antagonist partners and shouted on the public radio. "RELEASE THE NAR'SIE!" And so, Nar'Sie was summoned, tearing the destruction of the station into smithereens, but... He could not kill the clown and so the Emergency Shuttle was called and has already docked with the station. The clown was running toward to the shuttle in the direction of Nar'Sie, taking his time and chances. Nar'Sie was embarrassed that he could not destroy the clown and was banned by admins. As the clown reaches to the shuttle, the crowd started pointing fingers at the clown, saying the ugly truth about the clown; but could not destroy the clown's reputation and so the crew jumped out of the shuttle with fear, starting with Captain Vitellia. Alone the Clown reaches to the destination, and took over the station. In the end, the mime shows up and smacked the clown. The clown... Finally died and everyone raged at the clown over Deadsay.

The End.

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