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  1. Any other news about the cosplay?

    1. Promanguy1223


      It will be awhile before I can cosplay again, I've been really busy.  However, my goal is to update his uniform to the Head of Security uniform I have for him. Otherwise, the costume has been in storage for awhile. The goal is to continuously upgrade it, until it looks near professional.  Thanks for asking!

    2. UnknownMurder
  2. A super active community member on discord. Engages in good communications and makes an effort to understand people's perspective. Doesn't think and act on what is best for themselves but makes the informed decision best for the server. I have only interacted with this person OOCly and few times ICly. I know you are able to make changes and leave an impression on many people. The real question is... Will you do it? +1
  3. Just have surgeon remove the brain. Surgeon gives the brain to the roboticist. Roboticist pops the sucker into the MMI. The Roboticist pops the MMI into Cyborg/AI. I mean, it's a no-brainer.
  4. First, we have real life debate about many things. Now, we have forums debate about medical bay rework.  Oh god.

    1. Chada1


      The wheels on the bus go round and round.

    2. UnknownMurder
  5. Yes please. This will help me find something I want to look for faster.
  6. I am okay with this suggestion. It allows for cross-departmental collaboration.
  7. I agree with Arrow on the specialist thing terminology. Though, Christ. I had a quick overview on my goal as a wiki maintainer to medical positions. There are too many alt titles. I caught up reading this thread and there were misinterpretations. I am all for Coalf's idea to mush the roles together.
  8. So, can we remove robotics alt-titles? There is no need for having alt titles for robotics, robotics is not immensely complex as Medical is. I think there needs to be more conversation about this with the community.
  9. I'm just curious. I don't know if I have asked you or anyone ever asked you. Why do you not play other roles than Security? Are the other jobs boring or dull? I think it's good to have knowledge in other field and putting yourself in other people's shoes.
  10. Okay. That is all I have. Thank you for your willingness to investigate.
  11. To be honest, I forgot about this staff complaint. I understand. My true intentions for this staff complaint was to be very sure with the staffs on basis that I was not lying to a staff member and prove my points. I am somewhat okay with the result of this staff complaint. I have a question before I back down. Is flinging "That player is lying to you, staffs." to be taken in serious consideration? How does the staff team handle admin helps with "They're lying to you!" This brings up my suspicions on anyone can say that to anyone and make it harder for staffs to trust a person suspected of lyin
  12. ((FYI: It's been over a month. I don't have a strong memory of this.))
  13. This makes more sense and is generally acceptable. Zipties, tapes, and cable cuffs are indeed elastic. I do not see an issue with regular cuffs being unable to cuff however zipties, tapes, and cable cuffs can cuff.
  14. Though, I have been informed that it is in fact not a bug and is intentional.
  15. I don't think you read the suggestion and the thread carefully and quick to jump to your opinions. I also don't think you're willingly to give changeling a chance to fight or flee. Most changeling incidents already occurs just like that, if a changeling stands up to the security with an arm blade. They're on the security's metagame hit list and will be hunted. Changeling rounds usually have the same outcome which I will quote next. Regarding your opinion on what you think will happen next. "Oh no, a monster killed someone and fled into the vents! The monster is not our friend that we that
  16. Yes, sir. That is the direct point. The changeling is hyperactive swinging one or two blade arms at people. The only way to get it down is by tazing it or maiming it to get the cuffs on instead of karate or aggressively grab pin down a conscious hyperactive changeling swinging blades then slip on a cuff to nullify their swinging blades and save the day. Yes sir. If the changeling is stunned to the ground and is unconscious, their arm blade will return to a normal arm. Yes, sir. To prevent from quickly winning the battle by default stun. This is a common way to exhaust and require ch
  17. I don't understand that statement. What should not work? What is "this"?
  18. I have not had this problem and I also voice DeadLantern's opinion. Eridani is always addressed as "Eridani" and Jargon is always addressed as "The Federation".
  19. https://github.com/Aurorastation/Aurora.3/issues/9152 So, apparently. I was thinking this was a bug this whole time. It turns out it wasn't. It was either a feature or an intended consequences. This suggestion plans to change this. Security should not be able to nullify a Changeling's Blade Arms by just cuffing the sharp blades. I also suggest the sharp blades to go away when you are unconscious or you trigger blades to go away. I don't think this person realized what I just said. You are cuffing a person who are likely swinging around their blades in a conflict. In fact, the cuff
  20. It is is not too fast. I see people are heating it up and creating a fuss/drama over it. I share Geeves and Skull's perspective. From what I am looking at the PR, the Chada-1:Bone-Apple-Tea branch is still in-progress and is not ready for review. As a wiki maintainer, I would be more than happy to coordinate with Chada amd carry out this change on the wiki once it it is approved, passes testing phases if any, and merge with the master branch. I'll say this again. Fret not, everyone will have time and patience to pick up on the changed materials. If they are not willingly to have the time and p
  21. I'll be short and to the point. I like the name changes. When I compare the drugs that we have and look to the changes we have made, even through history, parts of the name will change over time or a drug is introduced from a different planet. Other species might add a series of letters to the official drug name. Like Tajaran may be responsible for influencing the name change of this drug Oxycodone = Oxycordine by adding "R" to it. If any, it sounds more foreign to me. I'm sure the PR heated comments are just unwillingly to change and refusing to be open-minded.
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