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Raven's Synthetic Unban

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BYOND Key: LordRaven001

Total Ban Length: Forever

Banning staff member's Key: AimlessAnalyst/NursieKitty

Reason of Ban: Banned from Cyborg - Poor Synthetic Roleplay, refusing to acknowledge that he cannot be someone's personal assistant as a station-lawed cyborg. Refused to follow station directives, and selectively ignored laws to only serve Asimo, playing as his "Adoptive Son Cyborg."

Reason for Appeal:I think I should be unbanned because I took for granted the roleplay, Back then which was almost a month ago, I was a snotty person on our server who didn't pay attention to the rules and only thought about myself in the roleplay aspect. I believe I have changed significantly from that point in time I'm a better roleplay, I've read all our rules, I'm more respectful and am less self aware and more aware of others around me and their preferences for roleplay, and want to give another shot at being a cyborg. I understand what I did was wrong as cyborgs cannot be slaved to only one person but are slaved to the entire station itself, And I won't make that mistake again, So I do hope you give me another chance as it was my first time doing something like that.

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