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Hunnewle's Apologetic Station AI Unban Appeal (Oi! It's been three months!)

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BYOND Key: Hunnewle

Total Ban Length: N/A / Perma

Banning staff member's Key: Tablespoon with authorization of Skull. (If that counts)

Reason of Ban: Copied from my notes: Due to disregarding their laws as AI, and at the decision of the admin team, Hunnewle is banned from AI. Mods bypass all bans, so this ban will be enforced on the honor system that they do not choose to play AI.

Reason for Appeal: I will admit, first and foremost, at the time of the above incident I was not acting my best, RP wise, or just in fact following rule numbero uno. When AimlessAnalyst talked to me, and mentioned that I would get this ban, it was a wake up call for me. Since then I've been focusing on getting my head 'back in the zone' as it were.

----- Personaly, I feel I was only too literal with my interpretation with the AI's laws. I was using the Protect law to do as I wished, given I could justify it as protecting the captain. I've recognized now that is not a 'coverall' explanation. I figure I should now follow the 'spirit' of the laws, rather than their true text.

----- I believe I got to play as an AI once, and a half, before TableSpoon informed me of my AI Role Ban. In during that time, I attempted to 'adjust' my mindset as an AI to be more neutral, acting only when needing to and such. Now that I think about it, I would have been RPing flaws, within my laws, that allow antags to have a better time, instead of getting shock / vaporized / door crushed into strawberry jam.

----- I believe this covers everything... May have missed a spot or two, please give me questions to answers and so'forth, so I can adjust my playstyle and, with any hope and/or luck, get back to playing my favored role: AI.

P.S: If there is a easier way to do that spacing for paragraphs than with dashes, please tell me.

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For the first question, As a moderator I can't get 'locked out' of roles with a ban, so it works on a trust system. I didn't know I was banned until Table told me, so I had to drop out of the round. For the second, I think it was actually placed the day before. The reason for my AI Role ban was because I was, in short, valid hunting. I put 'getting the bad guys' ahead of RP... I caused 2-3 innocents to be either wounded or die from either interactions (Read: Fighting) with the antags, or the emergency venting I did, in an attempt to delay the antags, while putting the mentioned innocents in danger. I have been working on slowing down my actions, and doing what's best for the story, not for me. (Sidenote: This is the third freakin' time I've typed this out. Kept hitting the wrong button, the big blue one that says 'Post Reply'.)

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The reason for my AI Role ban was because I was, in short, valid hunting. I put 'getting the bad guys' ahead of RP


Mercilessly doorcrushing and doorshocking anything non-crew on sight. Ya. Not to mention antagonist crewmembers. You've built a reputation for doing that as AI and the only reason I or anyone else hadn't reported those instances was that it was assumed you were in the right to do so, since I actually have been told that you've been in the right to do that even when it doesn't make that much sense. Laws or not, there's still an unwritten code of sportsmanship to be abided by.

I find it kinda hard to believe you got a wake-up call the day you were informed of the ban. If we trusted people to that level and said people did actually recognize they were in the wrong, they wouldn't be engaging in the same consistent behavior after having been spoken to about it over and over, and said punishment wouldn't have been necessary.

It feels like there's more to be said as to why you were given the AI ban.

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Hunnewle is one of the best AI Players I have ever seen, They are friendly IC and OOC, And I do think they should get there favorite role back, I am one of the heisters that they vented and that caused this Job Ban, And I am saying Hunn, Should be given a second chance.

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Huhm. Pardon my bump, again. My ban appeal was placed closed to a month and a half ago, and I am a bit worried as I have not gotten input from any fellow staff. (I just want to play Cubie again! Properly! (When I am fully back...))

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Hello, Again! Iiit's been close to a month now since my last post. I'll admit, I aint got the courage to keep linkin' this thing. Set me a goal to hit so I can get AI back. Hell, I can even do short'ish stories if that's your cup-a-tea. To sum up: It's been >2.5ish months. I have not had a proper 'staff' response, That is, a fellow mod or boss'min. I am wilin' to do 'almost' anything to unlock AI again. Just say what I gotta do.

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