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Retractable claws for xeno races

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Since the only two important xeno races, The liggers and catbeasts have claws and can't really punch people, I have a concept.

The both of them would be able to 'retract' their claws with a command, allowing them to swing at people like an ordinary human or IPC punching someone, also allowing them to use firearms effectively, (Because imagine trying to hold a gun with claws flared out) and because the clawing people's faces off meme is starting to get old.

While having claws out, You would be barred from using most firearms but giving you a more intense claw scratching, though limiting your combat capability

And upon examining said xenos, if they had their claws out in the open, it would state 'THEY CURRENTLY HAVE THEIR CLAWS STICKING OUT'

And the unathi would 'probably' have a bit of a harder punch, due to being 7'0 lizard people??

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It's an interesting idea, I'd say. Could also justify a buff to melee damage up from 7 to 10 with claws out. Would be a neat flavor text to see Unathi/Tajaran to flare their claws out and potentially wreck shit. Can also add a tab like "Abilities" to allow them to retract their claws back and forth.

The tradeoffs are justifiable and cool. I think it adds its own subtle immersiveness so that it's possible for Unathi/Tajarans to box or punch people without resorting to claws.

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