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The Kocasslani the station deserves...

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BYOND Key: BlueSp34r

Character Names: Jenifer Clewett, George Brownstone, those are all the characters anyone knows of mine.

How long have you been playing on Aurora: I've been with you nerds for too damn long.

Species you are applying to play: Kocassani (first challenge is spelling it right)

Have you read our lore section's page on this species?: Da.

Please provide well articulated answers to the following questions in a paragraph format. One paragraph minimum per question

Why do you wish to play this specific race: In short? I hate Skrell. HATE. Why do I hate them so much? Well I'm not entirely sure. Maybe it's the way they warble. Maybe it's because every single Skrell character I've encountered has failed to impress me. I mean, yeah, I get it. You like to warble around in the pool naked. Yeah. You like science. Woopdy-fucking-do. Now, our lore team goes and creates this wonderful new race, which seems to be the antithesis of Skrell. So, my reaction? HELLS YES. Also, these guys are a dog/bat and human hybrid...cool? On top of that, they're both Vikings and Templar. So, double cool? This race is literally so fucking awesome, I can hardly contain my spear in this Skrell's vital organs.

Identify what makes role-playing this species different than role-playing a Human: The key thing about playing a Kocasslani is emotion. Emotions play a major part in their lives, so you'd have to take a human, and make them overly dramatic to start with a basis on the Kocasslani. The other, most major part of their culture is their religion of course, which dictates their entire life. A good Kocasslani is a religious one, practicing their beliefs within regulation (I doubt NT would assist me in hosting any blood sacrifices on their station.) Even if a Kocasslani is not with the Crusaders, they're still going to have some significant interaction with the Skrell aboard this station. If they are, then heh...it's gonna be nice working with you, Mister Hupp. Either you hate the gelatinous frog creatures with a passion as cold as the ice winds of Sonhandra, or you're going to be able to extend your hand out and firmly shake it, willing to put aside the differences between your kinds, like how your brothers and sisters have not.

Why does this species in particular hold your interest? Because it's something exclusive to Aurora, something that I don't really see much of despite the wonderful lore we have for it. I feel like I would be able to play this race and perhaps inspire some more to apply with a totally awesome character that I'll make for it? Maybe two or three? But the main reason I want to have this race available is because, as I stated above, I despise the Skrellian race and wish to see them skinned and gutted for all to gather around and observe. I want to finally display my rage against them outside of that a normal human could express. I want to have my religion dictate that I must kill them (But not actually kill them 4noraisins because that's against the rules), and shift the station's view of who my character is. To a human, I could be a bad ass hunter, cracking down on crime and earn the respect of the security team, but then all of a sudden, there's a Skrell in the uniform and nobody knows what to think of me following our encounter. The ways to hate the Skrell are endless!

Character Name: Ziivili Alsasivini Vokhini

Please provide a short backstory for this character, approximately 2 paragraphs


All was still in the forests. Save for the icy breeze blowing across the mostly desolate wasteland. A beast with white feathers had descended from the skies, towards a streaming river. Hovering over the cool, flowing waters, the bird was able to extend it's talons over the water and cling on to a targeted fish, flapping away to the banks of the river, driving the fish into the pile of snow. Utilizing it's razor-sharp beak, the bird pierced the body of the fish, forcing it to cease it's futile flopping for escape before ripping out chunks of the meat and swallowing them. Unbeknownst to the creature, a figure had begun creeping behind it, footsteps so light in the snow that the bird could not hear it's stalker over the sounds of the feast it was consuming. The figure found itself closer and closer to the creature, inch by inch, but gradually picked up the pace; It would not be long before it finished it's meal and flew away. When he felt his time was dwindling, he suddenly picked up his feet into a charge, letting out a loud battle cry. It raised the spear it was grasping in one hand high above his head, before leaping out at it. The bird turns his head and saw in it's peripheral vision the predator striking at it. Out of instinct, it dropped the food and began to flap for an escape, but it was too late. The body of the beast had already met the tip of the spear. It flapped and scratched away at the killer, but he was out of range for it to be effective. It let out a shriek for help, but there was none to answer to that call. Instead, the body of the bird began to cease moving slowly, as the beady eyes of the animal looked up apologetically at the hunter. He smiled down at the prey he had caught, his white hair blowing in the winds. He stepped his foot on the body of bird, prying the spear out and then driving it through the skull, putting the prey out of it's misery. The hunter removed his spear, thrust it against the snow and let out his arms to the sky, cheering out in victory and to thank the gods for their help. He dragged the bleeding bird away, leaving a trail of blood as he dragged it along.

Ziivili was welcomed at his village, bringing the dead creature to the butcher. "This will be just perfect." He said to him. "My blessings to you, Alsasivini." He lifted the bird on to the table, plucking the feathers off one by one until the creature was just bare, then raised his cleaver up, bringing it down on the head of the beast before pushing it aside. "I do not wish to spend the time to prepare this now. The ceremony is going to commence soon, and I wish to be in clean clothes for it." The butcher glanced up at Ziivili, his white beady eyes glancing at the hair of the hunter. "It would be wise of you to go prepare as well." Ziivili nodded. "May the Path be walked, friend!" He cried as he ran off towards his home, switching his stained hunter's apparel for something a little bit more formal.

Ziivili found himself standing in rows with other Kocasslani, each of them all distinguished by the hair on their heads. All white, just like the snow beside them. The other, non-haired men had taken their seats in the small stadium, all fixed on the few standing men. Suddenly, the ceremonial chimes went off, and the priest stood up. He addressed the audience in the center of the area, clad in his white silky robes, made entirely out of fabric consisting of the hair of their species. "Brothers, sisters, walkers of the path!" His voice rang out at them with an aura of enthusiasm, to which the crowd displayed back at him. "Today, we begin The Blooding, the timeless ritual of our people. Today, the gods shall be pleased!" He raises his arms out, basking in the energy of the audience. He walks over to the rows of haired men, just like him. "Today, one of these lucky men, will be given the sacred honor of forwarding our race for generations to come." He wades through them, examining the figures and seeing what features they possessed that would make the best sacrifice. He holds up the arms of one, huge, bulky Kocasslani. "Perhaps the warrior!" He skips a few to the next noteworthy male, a renown artisan. "Or would the heavens crave the blood of the craftsman?" At the end of the row, he lifted up Ziivili's chin to the crowd. "Or the quick-footed hunter is what they request? Only I may know." He walked away from the men and towards the altar, and cheering crowd became silent as he touched it. The priest closed his eyes, pointing a finger at the crowd. In his energetic voice, he called out who the gods wanted. Ziivili breathed in and out harder as the priest directed his finger towards his general area. His pulse began to increase. But then, his nervousness would be justified.

"Ziivili Alsasivini Vokhini. The Path must be walked in your blood this time." Ziivili phased out. He could have sworn he heard his name but...there was no way, right? No way he could be the one to be killed? He looked around at his peers, and they all smiled. "Congratulations" one of them whispered. Ziivili took several nervous steps away from the others, then ran up eagerly to the altar, excited that he would finally do his part. Three other men, all clad in the priest's style of robes, and a large curved knife in each of their hands. Ziivili slowed down as he climbed up the altar, laying on his back against the cold stone. "Be Blessed, Brother." They chanted, raising their daggers high. Ziivili closed his eyes. This wasn't so bad. It would be over soon, and he'd be known as one of the many who gave up everything for their people.

Something came over Ziivili, though. As the daggers began their descent, he slid off the altar just in the nick of time, with all six of the daggers emitting a "clank!" against the stone. The audience gasped. The peers were silent. The priest was not satisfied. "Well?" He said, his voice full of frustration. Ziivili gulped, getting to his feet. "I-I am so sorry..." He faintly whispers, before taking off in the blink of an eye towards the exit. "Stop him!" The priest called out, as more armed Kocasslani began to pursue him with their weapons. A man to his left tossed a throwing spear at him, but he was able to lean his torso forward, dodging it, and catching the handle as he ran with it. A man with dual knives guarded the exit. He dove his blades at Ziivili, but he swiftly swung the blunt end of the weapon at his head, knocking him aside as he leaped for freedom.

After being chased in the cold tundra winds by the angry group of zealots, Ziivili was able to loose them in a chance snow storm, enabling a diversion for him to hide behind some shrubbery while the group went away from him. Once it was safe, he dashed as far away as his Kocasslani legs could carry him, until he collapsed, ultimately exhausted. All he had with him was a single spear to keep him company. Ziivili sighed, kneeling down and facing the snow beneath him. "I am sorry..." he whispered to the gods. "...I could not. But there are others, others more worthy of a rent than I at continuation. Please...do not damn me..." He planted his face into the cold snow, accepting his shame.

This would not be the end of him, clearly. For he held on to a single weapon in the great wide wilderness, full of fresh game for a veteran hunter. The next days Ziivili would spend creeping in the snow, stabbing large animals and strangling small ones, eating them raw if he had to. The arctic air did not welcome his presence, so for every moment of the day and night he spent not praying upon his next meal, he would spend in isolation, alone inside various dark, wet caves. Ziivili would find company only in his prayers, and with the small, venomous creatures that would dwell inside the caves, forcing him sleep light, and with a spear grasped between his fingers.

Time progressed on, and Ziivili would find a way to thrive in the vast nothing. Using materials found from the caves and from nearby shrubbery, he would craft a small blade, a small crude dagger. With this, he was able to exploit the creatures that roamed the lands more, not by simply making it easier to kill them off, but by being able to effectively skin them, removing the warm hides and furs of his prey and tie them up into insulating clothing, protecting himself from Winter's Breath. The hunter had bested the wild, just as he always did.

Ziivili spent months wandering, the daily routine of a hermit making him grow madder by the day. While walking, something in the mist caught his eye. He squinted, taking a good long look at it, seeing a large, silver, metallic object some distance away from him. Curiosity, and likely insanity, got the best of him as he approached the object, his view on it gradually getting larger and larger. Soon, it was clear to him that this was some form of shuttle. Ziivili went closer and closer until he stopped, frozen in his tracks. His heart sank when he realized where he was. Ziivili found the familiar walls of his village, the village he deserted, and that by some odd chance he had somehow foolishly wandered back.

Ziivili recognized the shuttle as he got closer to it; It had belonged to the priest that tried to sacrifice him before. He crawled up towards it, using the fur on his back to camouflage himself. He tucked the spear safely underneath his belly. Standing up slowly, he looked around the corners of the shuttle and saw some other Kocasslani nearby. One of them was the priest himself. Ziivili pressed his back to the shuttle wall, thinking of a plan. Next to him, would be the exposed entry/exit hatch, although locked. Ziivili would firmly grasp his spear, and slide it inside the panel, prying it open and sending it falling off into the snow. At this point, many wires were exposed, and Ziivili had no idea what to do. He shut his eyes, quickly prayed, and severed a wire with his knife, which miraculously opened the hatch for him, allowing him entry.

Ziivili explored the cabin, but only briefly; It wouldn't be long before he was exposed. The gods were smiling down at him, for the authentication keys were already in the slot! Ziivili stared blankly at the console, completely unfamiliar with starting a shuttle. However, he was confident in himself. He had been blessed this far, and just maybe, he had one more stroke of luck going for him. He carefully looked over the console commands, and set the autopilot to engage. A timer went down loudly, alerting everyone nearby.

"Autopilot engaged. Twenty. Nineteen. Eighteen. Seventeen." The clock was ticking. Ziivili buckled up in his seat, gripping his spear tighter than he had ever in his life. Outside he could hear the priest and some others screaming at him, but they would not make it in time. "Three, two, one. Liftoff." The shuttle rocketed out towards the sky, Ziivili felt the full force of gravity while doing so. Soon enough, he was in the stars. Ziivili smiled, but before he could perform his ritual victory cheer, the alarms went off, notifying him that the hatch he had hacked open would not close, and that the emergency airlocks had to be engaged. Ziivili would drift off into space, with no direction and no motive. He had escaped his life down below, now he had to find a new life for himself. Somewhere among the stars...


What do you like about this character? He's a swift, bold hunter with a passion for whatever it is he does. He's able to show so much emotion, and that's what really adds a layer to the RP; Being able to take the moments from "Now you've been apprehended, you will be serving X minutes..." to "Rejoice! Rejoice! The gods has blessen thy! Your cage awaits your body, your soul and your sins. For which, the animal shall know the hunter is one of captives, rather than of slaughter...this time." Also, Skrell. They suck. This guy hates Skrell with a burning passion, so this gonna be fun.

How would you rate your role-playing ability? You guys already know how well I can RP. I think I can confirm that Halo thinks I'm #3 or #4 best rper, correct?

Notes: Skrell are oppresion.

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Reason: The applicant shows a clear understanding of the lore behind the selected race and has integrated it into the displayed character's backstory in a believable manner. Furthermore, the applicant has demonstrated the ability to RP well more than once. Also, the applicant shows a clear and concise view towards the Skrell that I agree with.

But, all jokes aside, I give this not only my plus Juan, but also a BADASS! Stamp of Approval™ due to the fact that it'll definitely create some friction between the character-in-question and Skrell members of the Aurora at the moment. More so, I'd really like to see the interaction between Kieria Schalal (Covert's Skrell CMO) and the character-in-question.

So, to wrap it up, I'm giving this my +1 for the above reasons.

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I also hate Skrell, and want them all to die a horrible, warble invoked death. (I love them really)

But yes, Blue's shown he's easily capable of playing different varieties of chars (the difference between Jenifer and George is astronomical.) Along side doing it rather well.

So a +1 for you, totally not favouritism or anything silly like that.

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Blue has shown himself able to play as multiple characters, and though I am a bit iffy on how an NT shuttle got to land on a Kocasslani planet without causing a major diplomatic incident, +1


I only glanced over it, so I didn't notice that. But yeah, It wouldn't be capable of doing so. The Skrell did that, and now all Kocasslani hate them

You should probably revise it blau

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