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Custom Item Design, Stun Spear


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BYOND Key: Kaedwuff

Character name: Ssalashtar Intesski, my security officer unathi

Item name: Stun Spear

Why is your character carrying said item to work? As an unathi-appropriate alternative to the regulation Stun-Baton

Item function(s): This item is functionally identical to a stun baton, no stronger or weaker, though it may have different target verbs (jabbed with the stun spear instead of bashed, etc)

Item description: A collapsible low-yield stun spear of custom design, easily fits in any equipment belt. An unathi's best friend.

Item appearance: apPjhii.pngGUVeY0w.gif Providing my own sprites!

Additional comments:

Can probably just use the base spear model for the on-character sprite models. Maybe add a red tag to the base of the spear tip, if that's a thing I end up doing.

I guess this could qualify as a weapon, and if that's grounds for it to be dismissed for Intesski, I'd like it to possibly be an alternate item available for spawning for Raider Unathi/Traitor uplink with TC?. In that situation, I think it would be a more robust item than a basic stun prod.

Also, a dmi version of the animated icon https://www.dropbox.com/s/wkase3bceo6wvw2/spear.dmi?dl=0

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Guest Marlon Phoenix

All it is is an elongated stunstick. If you only use it when you're a security officer then if admins agree we can just sort of handwave the fact he was granted allowance to use it.

I've already had it in mind that the unathi policemans have a stunspear in their gear along with their energy pistols and handcuffs, so it even fits the lore, as stereotypical as it is.

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