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Cirra's unban appeal

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BYOND Key: Cirra

Total Ban Length: Permanent, although interestingly BYOND shows it as one minute

Banning staff member's Key: nightmare00

Reason of Ban: https://gyazo.com/6580f2173a336815719e89965bbd1c4b

Reason for Appeal: To start, I don't think the original ban was unjust, if I did what the ban reason stated then it is absolutely correct that I was banned at the time.

This was two years ago, when I had just started playing the game. At that point, I didn't take the game very seriously, and was probably just messing around. Two years later, my outlook and behaviour has changed significantly. After spending a year playing on UT, Aphelion and eventually Prospector (as Lead Developer for all three, and the new host for the third) I now take the game much more seriously, roleplay properly and care about the rules. I'm very bad at wording these kinds of things, but basically I've changed over the two years since the ban and I'd like another shot at playing on Aurora.

I currently have an issue where I don't recieve emails from forums (thank you to whoever manually activated my account), so I'll be checking this appeal periodically (In-between getting Prospector back online) and answering any questions when I see them. Thank you for your consideration.

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