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Improve the mediborg

Guest Inside_Out_Starfish

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Well, as one of the few people who plays medical cyborg I suppose it's time for me to make my plea for borg rights.Medborg rights in specific.

Let's begin by keeping it simple.

What are the pros of the medborg?

-Immune to diease

-Ignores most environmental hazards

-Infinite tricord/inaprovaline/spacellin

-All access


-Cant into surgery

-Cant stabilize patients

-Cant safely drag patients in crit

-Cant use chemistry

-Cant use any vending machine

-Cant use cryo

-Cant clone things

-Cant dance

-Cant do virology

What I propose is that we take advantage of the medborg's pros and turn him into a proper emergency response machine by:

1. Replacing the industrial dropper with an advanced trauma kit

There is no reason for the mediborg to carry the industrial dropper when it has a syringe at the ready, its only advantage over the syringe is the ability to make precise chemistry because you can modify the transfer ammount, something the medborg doesnt really need because he cant access the chem dispenser to make advanced chemistry.The syringe does everything better than the dropper, which only targets the patient's eyes.

The advanced trauma kit is perfect for stopping bleeding, and treating burns.With it the mediborg will have no trouble patching someone's bleeding up, allowing it to carry them to safety without painting everything red and murdering them.

2.Remove the vending machine restriction

Only the medborg has a vending machine restriction which even extends to the Nanomeds.I have no idea why, but I suggest it's removed.

(From machines that dont require credits, which are now restricted to other borgs aswell)

These changes should turn the medborg into a super ERT actually capable of competing with the standard borg for the title of best module, what do you guys think?

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I would LOVE to see Aurora go to the new Baycode Borg Modules. http://wiki.baystation12.net/index.php/Cyborg#Modules

Instead of one borg per area, borgs are further subdivided into specialties (much like how regular crew is broken up amongst their departments), If it were possible to make 2-3 borgs per department, slight bit overlap on each one but each fulfilling a role the others don't do well, aiding or standing in for crew as needed.

Surgical Borgs are entirely made for surgery, able to perform better then a most Surgeons, the Crisis Borg is basically an EMT. The default medical borg maintains it's position as a walking medicine cabinent.

If there was honest interest in expanding and balancing out our Cyborg/Robotic crew, I'd be happy to help brain storm and test to give each area it's own little help (and slave)

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