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Ackbar unban request (Newbie here)

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Hey there - just making a quick appeal.

So I was just banned on the server for hitting a guy, and refused to answer ahelps - didn't hit me until after the game disconnected me that the bottom right had chat functions, and I saw a "mind telling me why you were hitting that guy?" message. I'm completely new to the game, and I was on Skype with my brother - he was teaching me basics - my attention was more on listening to him and figuring out what does what (as much as I could, I was knocked down by what I assume was admin privileges).

I thought I was whacking my brother, but I guess not (there was a third in the room). It was all in jest while he was teaching me what did what. Anyway, he apparently talked with Valkyrae and told him that I should learn the mechanics elsewhere - noted. For future reference when I know what I'm doing though I'd like to be unbanned here. Thanks!

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