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You see a nice office, the walls appear to be reinforced but still pleasing aesthetically, adorned with certificates, NanoTrasen memorabilia, and a picture of a woman shaking hands with who you recognize as the Chief Legal Director of NanoTrasen. In the center of the screen, you see a woman with long features, relatively pale skin and green eyes, her hair is up in an elaborate beehive-ponytail thing, she is wearing a NanoTrasen Officer uniform, and upon her chest, 'Amnesty Lund' is embroidered.

"Hello, I'm Amnesty Lund, most of you will know me as either CCIA Amnesty Lund, or from my previous work on the NSS Exodus as an Internal Affairs Agent. I have created this so that my former colleagues and other NanoTrasen personnel may ask me about my new placement within Central Command Internal Affairs, and what that is like for me. So ask away!"

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Amnesty chuckles

"I am working closely with our Graphic Designer to get the products out, it can take quite some time as there are a large amount of posters to create. We thank you for your patience in waiting for the fruit of your work."

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A smaller window appears in the computer, showing Jim Calhoun facing the screen. The interior behind him appears to be dominated by the white monstrosity of shuttle walls. Jim appears to be clad torso-up in a black polo and a grey blazer. He blinks once, as he waits a moment before speaking.

"You've got a sweet office, Lund. I would ask how I could sell out like you, but that's neither here nor there. In other news, have you got anything else planned for us?"

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Amnesty would roll her eyes.

"Sell out? I'm not sure I follow Ji- Mr. Calhoun. Currently, I have no further events planned for the crew of the NSS Exodus or other facilities in Tau Ceti. We are very busy preparing for the deployment of our newest facility. I have however been delegated the task of creating the monthly employee newsletter, so you can expect a new issue at the end of the month!"

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Amnesty sighs, leaning back into her chair lightly, showing more of her gilded NT dress-uniform

"I'm afraid most of the details are highly classified, we wish for the release to be a nice surprise. You didn't answer my question about me being a sellout however, Jim."

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"No need to get us all excited with news of a new station, then."

Jim watched her adjust herself, revealing more of her uniform. He took that into account; the subtle action of further displaying her dress uniform when confronted about being a sell-out.

"You kinda ran out on us suddenly, and shacked up with CC. Of course, that was after those ineffective internal investigations that didn't do much besides slap some officers on the wrist and sack some token baddies. Aurora/Exodus to CC, and then you're running these high-profile gigs and acting like you don't even know me on the station. Let's not pretend there's a disconnect between the stations and CCIA. Don't get me wrong; I think you're great, but don't become a witch-hunter. You're better than that."

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Guest Complete Garbage

"Are there any details at all reguarding the facility that you can disclose? Are you able to tell us where it would be, or anything about its purpose?"

-Jacob Locke

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The screen flickers to life, showing a Tajaran with orange fur fur with a calico pattern. shes turned away from the camera looking behind her swivel chair. She shouts in Siik'Maas, but automated translators turn it into something humans could understand. "Al'hara! You said you got this thing working, she swears, nothing at this station ever-" She turns her head back to the camera, making her stop talking in her track. "Oh, it IS working, thank you Al'hara!" She waves back behind her, speaking in Casic for real now, "Ahem, anyway! She is Eahirat Ghabia, you might know her from the Adhomian talk show Taj Talk. She is sorry to reach you like this, but NanoTrasen hides your contact information very well. She is hoping to do a number of segments with NanoTrasen employees, with you at the forefront."

-Kiimahjurl Dradynhbaq

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Lund looks at the various new faces popping up on her screen, and addresses them sequentially

"I didn't /run/ to Central Command, I was offered a promotion by the Central Command Internal Affairs Supervisor at the time, Mr. Walters, and naturally I jumped at the chance to make more money and use my skills to a higher effect within NanoTrasen. What Central Command Internal Affairs does it not witch-hunting, we control the quality of the employ of NanoTrasen." Amnesty would take a breath in, and let a deep sigh out.

"All I can tell you currently is that it the new facility will be a research station and plasma-mining facility, much like the NSS Aurora and Exodus." She speaks blinks for a moment.

"I am entirely willing to participate in your interviews, Mr/Ms. Dradynhbaq."

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Aerianna taps away and signs in, exhausted and perhaps a bit drunk. She had questions, many questions on her mind that she couldn't understand, ones she didn't know how to ask. It couldn't be true, could it? She sighed as she tidied herself up however she could, sending a message.

"They're just rumors, right? You can't be gone, it just wouldn't make sense that someone like you could be gone. I mean, a shuttle crash? Surely you have cloning, how could a crash happen, anyways? You have to be okay... you have to.

I understand if there's a little delay. You must be a busy woman. I just don't understand how someone like you could be gone."

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Official Notice

This is an official notice that following the sudden death of Ms. Amnesty Lund, this channel and it's video and audio feeds are being officially closed. We thank those that actively communicated with Ms. Lund during her time with Central Command, and we encourage you all to contact a medical professional if you have any issues with your grief.

Thank you.

Apollo Evans

Central Command Internal Affairs Agent

Public Relations Liaison

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