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[DENIED] Legend of the Ku'umwa

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Type (e.g. Planet, Faction, System): (Religious) Myth

Founding/Settlement Date (if applicable): Pre-Hegemony

Region of Space: Uueoa-Esa

Controlled by (if not a faction): N/A

Other Snapshot information: Basically this app holds to a Mythos added to the Unathi religion which I figured was an interesting concept itself.

Long Description: The legend of the Ku'umwa was an ancient tale which presumably originated within the moutainous ridge between the cities of Argonia and Ura'Mastyx. According to the legend, the FIRST tribe on Moghes supposdly lived within the skies above the holy mountains as Winged entities refered as the "Ku'umwa", which translates to "The Ones who ruled the skies". Gifted by the Great Spirit Sk'akh for their out of their generousity, the Ku'umwa tribe was crafted by their hands to become the first Dominant beings on Moghes". Blessed with wings, the Ku'umwa primary food source became local birds according to the . Sk'akh told their Winged creations the following: "Ssspread your wingsss and may the wind guide them through your hunt acrosss the World. But, be warned my creationsss Asss thossse who dare to lay foot on the ground ssshall forever become a part of it". Thus it became taboo for the Ku'umwa Tribe to ever rest their feet on the Continents.

The Ku'umwa lived in prosperity. But then a disaster came to be. Due to the greedful hunting and neglect of the wildlife, The Ku'umwas only food supply started to decrease. One Ku'umwa called "Nacasss We'sssen" stepped up to the Ku'umwa Tribe council and demanded leadership of the tribe as the new Elder due to the current one's failure in preserving their security and prospere lifestyle. Nacasss managed to defeat the Elder and execute them, assuming the new title as Mika'a'iil (Presumably the ancient Ku'umwa word for "Elder One"). As his first act, Nacass defied the law of the "Endless Flight" and ordered his trustful companions to join him with the "Landing". As Nacass and his loyal companions landed, the end of the Ku'umwa Tribe came to be. Their wings were taken from them, causing all the Ku'umwa to fall down and become "Wingless". Desperate and confused due to their new circumstances, the remnants of the Ku'umwa each departed their own ways to establish their own tribes which grew and developed to become the Tribes of Modern Days.

When Human and Skrell Historians did research on the Cultural aspects of Moghean culture, they would question cooperative tribes about their legends and Religion. Near the mountain regions between Argonia, one tribe Elder mentioned the Legend of the Ku'umwa. Human historians compared the Ku'umwa with the concept of Abrahamic Angels (But featuring Unathi physical attributes parallel to Abrahamic Angels often being showcased as Human-like.)

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