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  1. I may not speak for everybody here, but to most who have ahelped, I think they will find this anecdote familiar: You spot a player involved in some gross negligence in regards to the server rules, and ahelp this to a staff member. Maybe they had [CLASSIFIED] x10s in their records, or they portray a baldhead in a grey jumpsuit for the memes, maybe its an antag deploying powergaming tricks or metainformation is used by a fellow player to trick/trap an antag. Eitherway, you help the staff member by providing either logs, or pointing out what this transgressor has done to warrant an ahelp and the admin acknowledges your concerns and tells you they will deal with it. Then you carry on and wait 5 minutes, 10 minutes or sometimes longer depending on how much investigation is required by admins. All of a sudden, you receive a ping. Finally, the admin/mod has dealt with it --- "It's been handled". Says the admin, before closing off the ticket and leaving you in the dark. Meanwhile, you can see the transgressor happily walk by as if nothing happened at all, leaving you with no clue what exactly has been done in regards to enforcement. My suggestion isn't as big as my anecdote may make it seem, but my point is that I believe that staff should be somewhat more transparent when it comes to handling these types of tickets by offering a brief or short clarification prior to closing it. Don't get me wrong. I'm not asking every moderator or admin to end every ticket with a 200 word paragraph case report. However, providing players with closure would probably help relations between staff and players. This also isn't an attack to any particular staff member either. There are staff members who do inform players by ahelp what they've done, either by telling them they gave the transgessor a warning or a note, and sometimes they don't do it either. I think ahelp tickets need this type of transparecy to give players the sense that their tickets are taken seriously. If a player requests for more details, the staff member can always direct them to the forums/discord or simply refuse to provide more information if they deem it unnecessary. If anyone has any additions or objections to this, I'd love to hear it. I think a discussion on this matter would contribute regardless of the outcome to see how players feel about how tickets are handled.
  2. Fuck Desven, he massacred my entire tribe.
  3. While I see why one would want a command assistant/secretary role, I personally disagree with its implementation and I'll explain by using three specific issues that I find with it. First, let's talk about the elephant in the room and that is the role's accessibility. By that, I don't refer to their in-game IDs but rather what players could access this role. Is it a general role available to anyone who joins? Or is it a learner role part of the command whitelist position? If it's the former, then that could lead to some issues in regards to what sort of players could join with that slot. Sure, it's presented as a learner role so you could argue that mistakes could be dismissed, but what if the player who assumes this role has some malicious intend? The whitelist exists primarily as a means of quality control and a border that stops bad/malicious players from positioning themselves within key roles that could make or break a round, or worse abuse its access to for their insane griefing strategies,. You could argue that this can be prevented by limiting access to just the main bridge, but before I touch on that I'd like to move on to my second problem first. Secondly, the role seems unnecessary in the 'grand schemes of things', and it goes back to my question whether this should be open-access or a whitelist role. Now, let's assume the role becomes locked behind a whitelist, then its position and possibilty as a learner role is only accessible to those who actually apply and receive a whitelist trialship. Most people that take on the whitelist typically intend to demonstrate their skill immediatly through their intended Command role. Thirdly, the role could come into conflict with roles such as the Head of Personnel. According to the wikia and job description, the Head of Personnel technically and practically already operates as the Captain's second hand. Their job usually revolves on taking over priorities which the captain can (albeit within limitations due to their access and few radio channels). They have access through several departments, hold authority that should make issuing orders not so difficult. As I had mentioned before, the Command Secretary would likely be limited due to their ID access as well as their radio, and by that they would just proof to be an inferior head of personnel. Furthermore it could lead to secretaries overstepping their boundaries (if they are a non-whitelist position). It takes one captain/HoP to pass them a radio headset and update their ID, then issuing out an announcement or notice through several channels to inform them that "The Command Secretary acts as a Captain's stand-in and therefor their word is on my behalf". It takes little steps to easily override the roles limitations and make them into a pseudo-HoP or pseudo-Captain that could issue out orders at a whim, orders that a captain or hop could easily do themselves and share fairly among eachother. In conclusion. I feel that as it is presented right now, it's unsure whether the role is either non-whitelist or whitelist-locked. Firstly, if it were non-command it would turn the point of the whitelist completely upside down as a quality control/border for command-access roles, which could lead to issues within that department. Secondly, it seems the role is a tad unnecessary as a learner role when most command staff intend to assume their preferred Head role as interim anyway. Thirdly, it conflicts too much with existing roles such as the HoP, who could function already as a better secretary due to their access and authority. And finally, the role could effectively step out of bounds easily through a mere ID upgrade. The issue of players in-game being appointed and later on dismissed by command staff, in my opinion at least, has less to do with a lack of understanding on how to utilize them, but rather is a symptom that demonstrates their uselessness in the grand scheme of commands roles. Especially when this assistant could be anybody (assuming its non-whitelist), it would be a game of russian roulette on what this player's intentions could possibly be with this position. I have to give this proposal my -1.
  4. Reading it in retrospect has me agreeing wholefully here. I'd like to apologize @Royalanimal72 for the unneeded written assault of junk text added to this complaint. I'd like to just wave it off as a collective heap of frustration coming outwards at a singular moment, but naturally that wouldn't absolve of the accusetory attitude that I've displayed on it. And as a future note, I'll take the feedback into account and avoid "hostile filler" if I ever were to write a complaint of any sorts again.
  5. Hey there! As former staff member, I just wanted to say nice job for wanting to contribute to keeping Aurora an enjoyable experience! I've had the pleasure of encountering Rusty occasionally, and so far he's proven to be quite a character among the flock, in a GOOD way of course! You've demonstrated through your RP that you want to add to the server's atmosphere, and that's always a wonderful thing to see. Your credentials seem perfectly fine to me. Having some experience customer relations comes with some handy skills to apply in your moderation work (trust me, I'd know as someone who's worked phone service ;P). However, I have to share a similar sentiment as to the previous reply. It seems a bit too soon to be aiming for such a big position when you', and the server, have only been exposed to each other for a month at least. Most people who decide to participate or join staff-related roles tend to do so after several months once they've established themselves as a regular. Perhaps it would be a good idea to wait after like a month or two, ensure you firmly establish yourself as a regular member. It will also ensure staff that you are genuinely here to stay. Sometimes, players appear for a month and generate alot of activity to almost feel people into thinking they'll be lasting players, only for said players to find yet another server that sparks their attention and intrigue, therefor dissapearing. Overall, the decision falls in the staff's hands. If they don't mind that you've only been here for a month, then that's great. You seem like a chill guy with the "HRP" mindset from what I've gathered so far. So I wish you good luck on your endeavors to becoming a mod!
  6. BYOND Key: Ricky Madenson Game ID: cb8-dlYl Player Byond Key/Character name: Royalanimal72 / aka Kelvin Morris Staff involved: None Reason for complaint: Right, so my problem with Kelvin Morris is that he is this season's example of a non-character that solely exists to house the antag powers, and I will explain through the following recent round. I'd have almost mistaken this round to be an extended round, but somewhere midway into this round my character, Eva Meier, received a message from the head of security that some suspicions were raised around Kelvin Morris. Apparently, he was MOSTLY vacant from his job, and some allegations were thrown at him for wanting to injure/harm another crew member. It was taken with some lightness because we're supposed to assume everybody is here to work, and without substantial evidence security couldn't just run in and demand anything from them (even tho the HoS offered Meier all the means to investigate it). It's not until late into the 2 hour mark when things actually begin to transpire, and the worst thing is that it wasn't even because of his hands. Security was on the lookout solely because a helpful assistant tipped off that Buck Thomspon was missing from the sensors, as was Morris. Assumptions based on previous testimonies from an assistant who had seen the two before led security to the tunnels, where they eventually found Thompson severily injured. Security assumed quickly that it was Morris' doing, and fingerprint evidence confirmed this along with the fact that Morris started using his vampire powers to phase through walls and avoid security. He avoids, then proceeds to phase through the transfer shuttle walls while he can htich a ride with the shuttle back to Odin where he proceeds to use his phasing ability again to avoid capture...while being a space station with stricter security than even Aurora... The main problem with his playstyle is that it embodies a speck of what antagonists on Aurora are meant to be about; To create a compelling narrative that swipes in most people. Sure, the outcome and player feedback is subjective and can sway depending on people's experiences, but at the end of the day the narrative remains the fundamental part. Morris, however, has displayed little to no concern with upholding one and seems more keen an using it as an 'excuse' to go on antagging. How many times can people count up the times Kelvin Morris was found wearing highgrade armor while being on his way through the hallways (most likely to the bridge?). How many times can people count whenever Kelvin Morris refuses to do his regular job for 1 hour, then seemingly cryo's because, guess what, RNGesus didn't hand him his blessings for an antag roll this time. It has reached an excruciating point where anybody could meta if Kelvin is even within the vicinity of cargo to guess whether or not he's an antagonist. He does this the majority of times, and will use any tool necessary to the point of (borderline) powergaming to accomplish adding another point to his "win-ratio". After all, WHY ELSE would a wanted figure hitch a ride with a transfer shuttle a more secure facility other than to confirm his EoR survival (fled the station) prompt at the end of the round? Just to illustrate what I'm talking about, see the image below where he can be seen phased into a wall to avoid security capture while riding along. My suggestion to solve the issue is to hand an antag ban and force the player to come to terms that this server is more than just a "free game" for antags. This should provide him an opportunity to prove he is well capable of creating somewhat of an established character with a personality, aims and a presence that doesn't scream *ANTAG TIME*. Did you attempt to adminhelp the issue at the time? If so, what was the known action taken by administration/moderation? As all of this happened at the foot-end of the round, I thought it would be more appropriate to make this into a complaint in order to not delay the round. It's also a rather long going issue with the player themselves. Approximate Date/Time: May 20th, around 1:40 AM UTC + 1
  7. I'd love to see these aspects of Elyra's lore more fleshed out than ever. It's almost bizarre how one one of the largest independant space nations in our lore has been put in such a backseat position where it's almost left unmentioned or unheard of. I'd love to see its potential as its own living, breathing world come to full fruition through all these tidbits of culture and languages being gradually introduced, as well as the plans to develop a new world sound awesome! You've already tackled on the concerns in regards to some your past conduct, and I like to think you're genuinely looking out moderate your 'passion' as you put it. Passion doesn't always have to be a negative trait, as is shown by your ambitious talks on discords when it comes to our server lore. You've always come off as honest in your attempts to introduce concepts, and make talking points to address problems in our lore and its atmosphere. You have my +1. Glory to Mankind!
  8. I'll say that my first experience with Danse was neutral, to the point of degrading. Especially because of the concerns that people have shared. From perhaps misplaced jokes to seemingly passive-aggressive replies which might be the restul of mistranslation to text. HOWEVER, I will say that my opinion of him has changed tremenduously as time went on. I've seen him put sweat and tears in working on lore apps, PRs or at laest attempt to contribute to the server's lore and atmosphere. He really shows a tenacity to work hard for what he believes to be right, and sure what he might consider to be right isn't always what anyone wants, but with a competent team besides him I'm sure he could make additions and work around to get a middle ground sorted. He has proven to be a team player from my perspective. It may not say alot, but I do ask people to take this into consideration besides the opinions they may share of him. I'll give it a +1 personally. I'm sure the cons that have been stressed out thus far can be ironed out once he's made part of the team.
  9. Thank you for the endorsement, again! Well first of all, in regards to languages, I envision they would be somewhat reflections of their ancestors colonization efforts. Language is the number one gateway to immersing yourself into another culture, understanding it and adopting it. It will not make you a specialists in a thousand different (sub)cultures across the globe, but it makes a significant difference when you speak, for example, bahasa indonesia, when you move to Indonesia vs. when you don't. You miss out on emotional nuisances, gestures and customs. Language is a carrier of both the culture's history and its traditions, so I find it an important element to include (though given the work required, compromises can always be made to make it somewhat limited of course.) I used Elyra as an example, so let me expand on that. According to the wikia, Elyra is supposed to be a colonization effort orchestrated by Middle Eastern/Northern African countries, and as a result this cultural roots are supposedly traceable to this regions. All these regions deploy the Arabic Script as their writing system, which obviously is a long way from our Latin script. It affects the alphabets of these regions, their shared phonemes, their writings and grammar. It's quite hard to conceive how these colonists, or their descendants, would be perfectly OK with switching from this familiar system to one so distinctly unique from their own. It would be a loss of much of their language's intrinsique value, and understandably woudl make a hassle to adopt in a modern-futuristic setting where individuals are more open to criticism. Perhaps adopting bay's language system would be a step into the right direction, but naturally that would require feedback from other (species) lore departments as well before such a drastic switch would be undertaken. As for culture, I believe those careful nuances could be reflected into holidays. Perhaps the CoC has an "independance day" that could be celebrated, which would naturally upset Solarians. Otherwise, maybe Biesel should have a remembrance day for their first occupation (or the recent one given time). Little details like that could be impactful for rounds, from people arguing, to celebration among crew. Chefs preparing banquets, national anthems being sung aloud etc. I will get straight to the point and admit the original document was used for a server which was a bit more spicy (I'll leave the imagination of its origins open), so your assumptions were NOT wrong. Apologies in advance if it got you, or anyone else, through a bit of a shock there. The document was NOT meant to be my excuse or the skeleton key for a floodgate of content many would consider risqué. It was meant to be an illustration of my potential as a writer, a preview of what I can do or possibly could help expand upon, not to be my preemptive strike at an addition to our lore. We'll leave that stuff out of here. EDIT: I was made aware that one of my replies got removed, though the exact reasoning behind it remains unknown to me. I'll keep my reply to this response in tact, unless staff advices me otherwise.
  10. Thanks for the endoresment! First, I'd like to go in on the recent developments with the Alliance's fragmentation into smaller states/zones. I think the birth of these new lesser states could (and should) have a huge impact on how Solarians look back at their country, what new bloc they feel the most familiar with, how they look at the station's contribution to this etc. However, I will say that I do hope to give the Alliance their opportunity to "rise from the ashes" so to speak. I cannot imagine a timeline where the true SA would not at least attempt to reclaim their control over tehese loosely-affiliated "micro-states". Our lore has been quite adement on the Alliance believing its borders to be the bastion of mankind, and I anticipate that they will do whatever it takes to reclaim that prized title. Perhaps news articles on political reforms within the alliance, or news outlets that speak of talks between these states could be a nice hint at a potential renaissance. After all, the Sun never sets on the Sol Alliance. Then finally, we have the SCC. I believe the SCC is the next phase of the corporate dystopia that our lore is based upon. It is the widespread, galactic message from Big Five to everybody else that they are taking a political, almost militaristic stance as we have seen in the recent major arc. The corporations have send a clearcut message that they have the means to stand their ground in the face of a military power by deploying their trump card at the decisive battle above Biesel. Futhermore, they will be the face of the NBT arc that our server will phase into, so I imagine their influence and the interactions between the five megacorps will be much more prominent than ever before. Their separate goals and aims will understandably come into conflict with each other, so only time will tell us how this will unfold.
  11. -STANDARD TEMPLATE- Ckey/BYOND Username: Rickymadenson Position Being Applied For: Lore deputy Have you read the Lore Team Rules and Regulations wiki page?: Yes. I've read through the page and I'm aware of the responsibilities that come with this position, along with any consequences that might come as a result of misconduct or abuse of this position. Past Experiences/Knowledge: My experience is quite limited. I used to do text RPs and would occassionaly write sci-fantasy lore for it, but unfortunately those pages were lost along with my continuous swapping between laptops and PCs. One metagoal of mine is to obtain more experience through this role. Examples of Past Work (Please provide in a Google Doc or other easily accessible external link for sake of space): https://docs.google.com/document/d/16xVyypJ8Udpm0i0BbRs-tyE02TZSRJr-ujph-Ciabz4/edit?usp=sharing It is a WIP project I've been working on. It's entirely unrelated to Aurora, but it should provide an insight in what I can do. -HUMAN LORE DEPUTY QUESTIONS- 1). Why do you want this position? Why do you believe that you could be a better deputy than others? a. The reason why I want this position is because I like Aurora. It's a server I've been a part of for over five years and counting. I had the pleasure of working together with a great administration team, met countable people I ended up befriending, and I felt it was only appropriate I'd give back to this fantastic community in another way. Lore is a brilliant way to expand character backgrounds, provide topics for people to discuss in their rounds, perhaps use as catalysts for their characters' personal arcs or perhaps overarching stories through events! I am currently undergoign my first year as a History minor student in University, and wish to use my knowledge of the way historians write their works and research sources to help touch on the history of the Human race. I don't intend to make repetitions of history resurge into our lore, but I am a firm believer that History tends to have a habit of "rhyming" rather than "repeating", so with my growing knowledge I hope to nourish our lore with some tidbits along the way and of course, ensure people remain faithful to what is already established. 2). What are three things you enjoy about human lore? Why do you enjoy these things most? These should be ranked from one to three in descending order of favouritism. a. 1. Humanity's relatability. At the end of the day, we are all Human beings behind the PC. It makes it easier for us as people to connect to these characters in such a wide and contiuously expanding setting that allows for our characters to react towards. That goes to say that I'm not necessarily implying self-insertion here, but the ability to simply connect to a unique individual that we create to follow their journey with through this Universe. We are given just a treat of the character examples that we could base our next creations off, and I think with some additions to lore, we could expand this even more. 2. Humanity's diversity. By diversity, I mean their thoughts, ideologies, religions. Humanity is the most devisive species in our lore, with multiple space nations existing besides or opposed to each other. These nations all share their own goals, ambitions and futures for the Orion Spur. Furthermore, we even have separate thoughts, concepts and ideas within these very nations themselves, with different parites opposing each other, moderates, conservatism and progessivism taking their stands in the instellar podium of each respective nation (Biesel being a good example). 3. Humanity's dominance. Humanity, lorewise, makes up the most dominant species in the galaxy. You will find them almost anywhere, whether its travel by spacecraft, within the vast streets of Mendell City or some TV commercial model striking out the most corporate-friendly smile to sell you that animal tested shampoo with. In this almost dystopian future, Humanity remains at large and continuous to grow in its political strength. We can hardly even point at a single alien species and claim "They have the ability to overthrow them", because there isn't. 3). What is an area of currently extant lore that you'd like to improve or see improvements made upon? Why do you believe this area should see improvement? a. The most important aspect I'm looking into are primarily cultural, linguistic and perhaps the atmosphere on our lore. As I had mentioned in my second questoin, I adore the diverse nations and states that have sprout into the galaxy and how they reflect Humanity's tenacity to group together as likeminded people in likeminded states. However, I do get the impression that on the linguistic department, we're severily lacking. Elyra is a good example of this. A nation which has found its roots in Middle Eastern colonization efforts nowadays speaks a "remastered Esperanto", aka Tau Ceti Basic? Then we have culture. Sol Alliance, according ot the timeline of Humanity, is the result of the UN's desperate attempt to unite Humanity under a single banner and make the progression towards space smoothly. One of its largest members at the time was, in fact, China. China in our lore, has taken a much more liberal approach in politics, as they turned out to become the USA's biggest ally. This resulted in the USSR becoming more isolationist and steadfast in holding its power than.) We see tidbits coming back of China's influence in Earth's culture and how this eventually expanded along with Humanity to space. Monkey King is the most popular movie franchise produced by a Venusia film director, the Human wikia page depicts the female character dressed in a cheongsam, a dress belonging to the Chinese Manchu subculture which has been widely popular in its country of origins. By expressing these cultures or at least giving proper descriptions of them, I believe players could find it easier to write characters belonging to certain worlds, pick up the nuances and add them to sugar up their characters' traits. I find the atmosphere that our lore creates detremintal to how people feel when their characters engage within this world. The Orion Spur in 2463 is a corporate-controlled dystopian future where the Big Five holds political sway in a majority of Human nations, makes up the largest share in each system's economy and could easily cripple an entire planet by transfering its operations elsewhere if it deems them "unnecessary". Sometimes, characters seem to act far too nonchalant about this timeline. Yes, not everybody will believe that the Republic of Biesel is primarily a political entity working for Nanotrasen's interests, but surely most people would be wary of the power their employers hold within the vastness of space. People need to be somewhat remembered of this, whether its true newspapers, policies or lore fluff I'd love to see that at 4). Assuming you are given the position, which area or project would you like to work on first? Why? a. I'd like to help out with the effort to give Sol a bit more meat to stand on first. Perhaps I'd like to take a look into its military as well with some help, but my priority would be in assisting the lorewriter with expanding the Alliance's backstory in a single, clearcut wikia page rather than spread around into an incohesive mess that happens to be nowadays unfortunately. (That's to say I do not blame the present Human lore team for this. It has been a problem for much longer than that in fact.) Another important area I'd like to play on is Humanity's dominance on the Spur. I feel that people often times forget or take for granted how domineering Humans are supposed to be in this setting. The Big Five are all corporations which roots can be found back to Earth, aka Humanity. The most powerful military entities in the 25th century are all owned by Human empires, aka the Sol Alliance and arguably the CoC (from a defensive standpoint). The economic powerhouses are Human empires. Technological innovations, while still dominated by the Skrell, were pioneered by Humans. 5). How effectively do you work in a team environment? Remember that you will be both working in the human lore team and the greater lore team. Your responsibilities are not just writing lore, but being a small part in something larger. a. I would have to ask the teams I've worked with througout my life XD. But no, I would say I'm a fair teamplayer. I am open to ideas, and sitting around the table to discuss and possibly find a common ground. Comprimising is an important part of teamwork, because sometimes what is best for the team may not always be what your perfect envisioning of the outcome could have been. I am open to accepting feedback from my fellow lore deputies and lorewriters alike, but I'd also accept community feedback on particulair changes or improvements they would like to see. Hopefully a middle ground can be settled for during meetings, as that is my priority when it comes to undertaking major additions to oure lore. 6.) What is your disciplinary history on the Aurora, if any? (Bans, Warnings, Whitelist Strips) Why did you receive these? a. So far in my Aurora life I've only been warned once and that was during my first year on the server because of stealthcult. After that, it was me who handed out disciplinary consequences out to people. ;^)
  12. This. I think the security antag becomes a more prominent issue when secret rolls (auto)traitor. Lone wolf sec antags will usually wait for openings to fire their teammates in the back, whilst sec wardens will go as far as to prepare a raid on the armory to ensure NOBODY gets any tools to fight them back when the same sec warden engages in instant kill mode. I'm not sure if cultist and rev should be subjected to the same treatment, since they're based around teamwork and subverting/convincing people to your cause/cult. In that case, sec antags could offer more to a narrative where perhaps they'll try to convince fellow officers to JOIN THE REVOLUTION, or lure them with promises or a trap to add them to their ranks as followers of Nar'sie.
  13. "Limited-use" was a poor choice of words on my end, apologies! Cooldown was the correct word for it. The heavy shield was another example I initially had in mind, but it still adds to the initial problem I raised where antagonists that do show up, feel more compelled to deploying the shield in an offensive strategy that generates, at least to me, nothing but an added killfeed to a round. Either the antagonist gets mowed down, or the security team ends up mowed down, and that's not what antagonists are supposed to add to the round, at least to me. If a revamp is out of the question, a slow down DOES sound like a good alternative I'll admit.
  14. You see a group of officers discharge bullets, lasers, plasma rounds you name it. All in vain as faced to them stands the funny man, wearing a perculiar device around his waist that seems to generate an energy shield. The man laughs, and returns gunfire on the officers as one by one, they cripple from their injuries, or die from bloodloss. The antagonist gloats over the radio, informing everybody of his killconfirms before he proceeds to wreak havoc until what's left of command calls the ERT....Here we go with a forced 2+ hour round. This is a tale as old since the introduction of the personal shield. It has quite frankly, been a useful tool to ensure that antags engage more regularly in combat. And while this initially sounds good on paper, it has simultanuously decreased the variety within rounds by offering antagonists with a trump card. Why bother establishing a large, intriguing mystery that spans across the station? A mystery that inspires investigation, whispers among the crew in regards to the "whodunnit"...when you could just go to the captain's office, get your all-access, wait for security show up at your department so you can unpack that plasma shotgun, turn on that personal shield and futfil your Doomguy fantasy on those dirty secmains who've been bashing on this exact same gimmick for the nth time in your SS13 lifetime. I feel like the personal shield should not be used as an offensive tool, but should rather act as a getaway tool with a short timer on it. EA's Battlefront is a good example of what I mean. The shield can still be used as a means to rush opponents and surprise them with gunfire, but it's not always the optimal choice, especially not when confronting a large group. Instead, it forces the antagonist to think twice on how they should implement the shield's usage. Use it offensively when approaching two officers, use it to avoid laser fire from an entire security team charging right after you. To illustrate what I had in vision for a revamped persona shield, here is a video EA Battlefront's version.
  15. Ok, that would be alot more palatable assuming a majority votes for this idea.
  16. Honestly, I totally get where this comes from. As someone who in the past used to hang out on lowpop hours, it can be frustating when a majority vote overtakes the vote of the few who are actually participating in what appears to be a small-group RP quality time. HOWEVER, I disagree with an enforced implementation of a system that would not only rob people from the opportunity to weight in on matters lets say, wanting to join a NEW round. As previous comments above me already pointed out, it could lead into lowpop rounds hogging up the bridge hours between low-to-mid/highpop because a select few can easily decide "Hey, this is really fun. How about we add ANOTHER hour to the numbers?" I assume that this PR was made as a result of people's observer or lobby votes overtaking the wishes of players who were partaking in a round, but again. I see too many negatives outweighting the good. As for the PR proposed by Geeves. Absolutely NO. Carver pointed out the biggest concern in which players who die as a result of (unfortunate) events of a round being robbed of an opportunity to weight in could possibly demoralize people from even bothering. You could argue that ghosts need to "deal with it" since their participation has been forfeited along with their death, but at the same time, one could argue the same in regards to losing against the observer/lobby people, as the status quo has always been. The current population flow, as already pointed out, is a result of exam months/people likely dealing with deadlines and work schedules. As soon as late spring/early summer commences, we will likely see an influx of players returning and this entire system would be rendered moot. TL;DR I find this thread, despite understanding the concerns, totally worthless on the long run.
  17. BYOND Key: Rickymadenson Game ID: cbF-ab6K Player Byond Key/Character name: Icedcabbage/Anderson Bhander Staff involved: No Reason for complaint: The reason why I'm making this complaint is because I'm tired off this sort of gimmick style, and unfortunately, icedcabbage is my pick for this complaint, since they're among what I consider the worst offenders for this. Anderson Bhander was a miner (later turned out to be a ling) who reported they were losing oxygen and required rescue. Security, early on, noticed the man hanging out outside toxins without a suit, but initially assumed it was a glitch/accident with his suit, and left the matter to responders. Anderson Bhander would proceed to issue a threat over the radio, warning the vaurcae who attempted to rescue him to stand back (which they presumably did not), allowing Bhander to break through and eventually kill them. This prompted an hour long manhunt for an antagonist who as for as they eye could tell from afar, simply hid away from security and issued several verbal taunts and threats to toy around with the crew (especially security for that matter I should add for the failure to stop him). At the end of the round, Bhander decided to hitch a ride with the shuttle (by latching onto it outside, which I thought was pretty cool, albeit kind of silly form a narrative perspective given ODIN's security). My main issue is was lack of a driven narrative that antagonists are typically supposed to provide. I understand that not everyone gets to partake in it, and sometimes this narrative takes place between a small set of people who encounter the antag, but this time I hardly believe there was much of a huge plan aside from a kill confirm and "hide to see how long it takes to get caught" playstyle. I will say that while trying to acquire logs of the rounds, icedcabbage offered the time to discuss the matter through DMs to lay down his perspective (which I dearly appreciated), though his explanation on the matter left me with little to work with. It's come to my intention that this playstyle is NOT new to him, and while he explained that it sort of was a spontanuous incident of getting lost in space for a moment, hampering his opportunity to engage with the station, it doesn't change the fact that even during his time on-station, he still opted for this playstyle after he had his kills. I'll leave our DMs here, as icedcabbage themselves gave approval to me for sharing them as well as his reasoning for allowing it. Did you attempt to adminhelp the issue at the time? If so, what was the known action taken by administration/moderation? No, because I believe this to be a problem on a wider issue rather than a single incident, and an ahelp would not help staff with conducting an investigation on that scale. Approximate Date/Time: 21-4-2021 3-4 AM UTC + 1
  18. Hi there, I saw this post hanging for a bit so I decided to add my weight into it. I've only interacted a few times with Aleksander, and as a character, I've just come to know him as the Zavod officer who speaks in broken Basic, I didn't really get much out of his character aside from that, which I wouldn't really call a positive thing for that matter. When lookign at your answers, it seems to me like you DO have a good idea what it means to assume a command role. You understand the OOC implications, how much effect they can have on the flow of a round, as well as the responsibilities that come along with it both ICly and OOC. It leaves me kidn of mixed, because on one hand I have this "meh" impression of your security officer (which btw I'll add some more on in a bit), but you show the OOC competence I like to see in heads of staff. You state that Aleksander was forced to leave Zavodskoi (I recall seeing him as a contractor on station as well) because he was being accused/suspected of something? If it was that gross to force him out of his contractual obligations, then why would 1. NT be willing to not only HIRE him, but 2. also hand him the rank of Head of Security? Why exactly does he take service with Nanotrasen as a "Zavodskoi corporate collaborator", what exactly does that entail if he's no longer working for Zavodskoi? I'm not sure if you are aware, but at the moment both Nanotrasen and Zavodskoi operate under the same brand of the SCC (Stellar Corporate Conglomerate), therefor making them closer partners than ever before. If Zavod has reasons to suspect him of a crime/severe misdemeanor, then it seems a bit weird that Nanotrasen would be open to accept him in their security force (and also promote him for that matter). It may have been allegated, sure, but would Nanotrasen take that risk? It might seem like I'm cracking hard right now, but I'm just curious how this character will play out on-station if they were to become a head. At the very least I'd still give a +1 if you were offered a trialship, but use a different character for that matter who would be much more fitting for the position.
  19. Hi folks, Ricky here. o/ Some of you might know me from way back, others my recognize me for portraying Curel Wald, CMO main als from a while back, but I bet some of you also recognize me as the name behind Eva Meier! I've made this topic to help improve how I portray Eva, and in what ways to express her thoughts. emotiosn and sometimes abrasive attitude. Go ahead. Make me laugh, make me understand, make me cry or make me happy in general. Criticism is there to help improve after all!
  20. Itzal, the guy. Back when I used to be a mod, he was one of the people I looked up to along with Serv. He was around when you needed him. A levelheaded guy, that knew how to crack his jokes and when to crack them. As an admin, you could expect him to do his job. If he saw someone breaking rules, he knew how to approach it properly. No hostilities unless the situation escalated in the worst way, which barely happened with him around. He's not a biased guy, so you can count on him to take everything on the same grey floor. He will make a fine addition to the team, no doubt about it. Welcome him back already!
  21. WARNING: Grab a mug, popcorn, or both because it's going to be a looooong story. Okay, here is an explanation from the root up until the initial "backstab" since you want your "IC justification". It started with crossfire commencing, and everybody was debating through AOOC what the gimmick was going to be. A couple of ideas were exchanged and shot down due to lacking much substance. Eventually, the consensus came down to "Let's see what both sides bring to the table and react accordingly to it should we engage each other." The rest was organized ICly, and we agreed on the following plan: Infiltrate the base, kidnap a scientist/RD (with the pertained IC context of possessing knowledge of NT schematics, patents and secrets of great value to "the client"/hiring party) and to bust into their vault and acquire all the valuables. The plan wasn't too elaborate, would have provided conflict with the crew, and perhaps with the raiders since it's crossfire. Knowing well that an well-organized merc team has at least one member watching over the shuttle, I volunteered to allow the others to have fun on-station and radio'd so. On our way, we were able to intercept a discussion between the pirates and the station (Keep this in mind, because it will be important for later.) and we figured this would be the perfect distraction to make use of. Then things started to get messy. When arrived at the designated landing zone and in a matter of seconds a Vox on a space bike appeared spontaneously to open fire on the mercs on the away mission. I assume panic ensued, and everybody booked it instinctively so the team ended up scattered. One merc got stuck in an airlock and went MIA. the 2nd one managed to get to the vault, but supposedly succumbed to their wounds. And finally, there was K0n's being the only one left alive while I was trying to watch the shuttle as the Vox kept scooting by and digging holes. K0n's radio'd in that they had acquired a "hostage", which I assumed was a scientist as we had planned. With some messy coordinating and a disrupted radio network, we were able to rendezvous at the arrivals airlock where I had docked the shuttle. Much to my surprise, K0n's merc deviated from the original game plan to instead bring with them a random bartender. When I confronted them on this, they told me to look at the uplink. The uplink revealed that the bartender in question was, in fact, HIS daughter. After that clusterfuck of an operation, with half the team KIA/MIA, he returned to the shuttle with just a single barkeep with a bounty. If it were a side-op, sure, why not? However, what prompted me to let my character backstab k0n's merc was his dismissive attitude and him refusing to go along for a second raid to complete the original objective because, "he got what he wanted" and instead told my merc to go on her own. He gave up on the team aspect on which Merc thrives, and instead insists I go on a solo mission to a research facility on high alert with heavily armed security personnel. Furthermore, that same pirate crew from before had made some deals with the station which would’ve meant that we were even more outnumbered than we initially were. So I came up with a different plan instead. I’d kill off the merc, take his hostage back to the station to establish a truce and hopefully gain their trust. From then on, I’d resume the original plan and get out ASAP. So I confront K0n’s merc, we engage each other in a firefight and he wins. People in dsay ask what prompted me to off him, I explain and the rest is history. A lot more happened, of which some started to build the unneeded salt in my blood, but that’s not relevant to this complaint. However, what is important is that following the end of the round, people asked the mercs what was up with their terrible gimmick, to which I responded and explained how things got messed up. When all of a sudden K0n calls me out on “sitting down and doing nothing whilst he at least went out to do shit.” So I respond, then I get a follow up about how at least he tried to bring “some RP with his gimmick.” I’m sorry k0n, but what’s basically a 1 on 1 chairRP is NOT what merc’s supposed to be about. It’s a team-based gamemode, that goes along with coordination and established mission plans. We had one, and you shat all over it by bringing something so trivial and pale-looking for the “sake of RP”. That you showed the audacity to call me out for “doing nothing” while I proposed the 2nd raid. You were the on who shot it down, you made the decision to have the others die in vain for you to solo a mediocre game plan of chairRP. So, did I believe that backstab was ICly justified? Absolutely. Do I think this complaint is nothing but a petty attempt to paint me dirty because you know damn well you messed up and need a scapegoat? Absolutely. Pardon me on my French, but this isn't the first time you throw complaints at people who had shown the resolve to call you on your bullshit and it most likely will not be the last time you wil attempt to bring down somebody that calls you on your crap.
  22. This was primarely what made me decide to go for the Perma. It didn't really help that you decided to log, and trust me on it that I tried to stop you from going. However, I can understand that you're tired and you'd want to go to bed as quickly as possible, but at least make sure to warn us before you go as far as to kill of your character in such a fashion. For somebody in a wheelchair to desperatly go as far as to tie a knot, attach it to the ceiling so he could hang himself to death really takes it to the next level. Based on your response, I'm willing to give you a 2nd chance and lift the ban. Show us that how you truely changed your behaviour as you proclaimed you have by familarizing yourself with the rules and try to earn our trust back by showing what you can do with RPing.
  23. Minimize the usage an essential part of medbay that allows for the return of dead players by excluding it to the small minority of people that are rarely present or have other things to do? Like the CMOs that are barely available? The Command staff with little to no experience on the medical field?
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