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G'Bye Mates!

Guest XanderDox

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You may know me. You may not.

I am XanderBox, Lord of the Dox.

I have played here for a few months now, I've been whitelisted as Head (Don't see how I've maintained this), and Skrell and IPC.

I've had tons of fun, and great experiences with most of you, and I'd like to congratulate those who I never got the chance of Rping with for avoiding me so well.

I will admit, I am one of the worst players here.

I've been called hopeless,

mocked for my age,

told I'm subpar.

And insulted multiple times.

And I'm starting to realize that those who say such things are right. I've never meant for anyone elses experiences to be ruined or otherwise damaged because of my actions. And I sincerely apologize to those that I did this too, I know there is probably a few of you out there.

So, on behalf of myself, and my characters:

Niklaus Mason-Nox

Carter Mason

Lyssa Evans

Miley Evans

Vivian Rival

Istanbul Embaria

Ashley Moriarty

Vivian (IPC)

Etc, etc.

I would like to apologize, and say goodbye.

It's been a good run with you all, and I wish you all the best.

Dox out.

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Hey there, Box!

Yeeeah... no.

I must admit that I am one of those who almost never ran into you (an achievement that would seemingly require ridiculous amounts of conscious effort) - only the name of Rival rings a bell, and while I've actually kinda liked her, that is not my point.

Don't condemn the community and our game for a few harsh comments. We've all been insulted (and lynched) at one point or another.

...I'm not sure how to grasp this.

First of all, this is still just a game; don't let such things get to you.

The most important thing in every game is to have fun, and you admit you've had a good time - why the heck would you want to stop having fun? (unless you recognize that "having fun" is absolutely unproductive way of spending time that prevents you from developing as a human being. Haha, I suck at comic relief.)

I mean, seriously, this is one of the kindest communities I know. Don't take the meanies so seriously, and give us a chance - communicate.

I guess that's the only and best advice I have, if you still wish to continue playing. Through communicating with the players, everything can be resolved - they are very forgiving when they know you are trying, and will do their best to guide you.

If you are already decided, well... then I am deeply sorry for the distress. I hope you'll have some good memories of the awful lot of time you must have spent with the game, and best of luck in (eww) real life!

Hell, I looked up the game and joined the server because I read crazy ass stories on reddit, and except my character was customized, I was your worst baldhead - blowing up fueltanks, stuffing people down the disposals, breaking bottles over your head and setting yourself on fire...

Still - these people 'took me in' and taught me their ways, and I've come to consider a fine number of them my friends.

If there was hope for me, there's definitely some for you!

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The main thing here is, I can't enjoy the game to it's full potential as I used to, when I am afraid I am being detrimental to other's round experiences. I will probably lurk around the forums for a bit.

I'd also like to say, I'm not letting these things get to me per say, I'm dropping my obnoxious 'I will play how I play and I play decently' persona that I carry and admitting, that I honestly am mediocre at best at providing other players with enjoyable RP. And as a whitelisted player, I see that as basically a major down fall on my side. I'm not condemning the community, I'm just not wanting to ruin others fun. I might come back in a few months once I think I can actually play without being a shitlord. But, I need a break, and I believe the server needs a break from me :P

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Perhaps I expressed myself poorly - I do that a lot.

By "condemning the community", I rather reffered to the possibility of your co-existence with the community.

Anyhow, I think that admitting to yourself that you are an average player is a very good step to becoming a much better one.

As if it put some distance between you and your character, and allowed you to see the bigger picture - I mean, usually, the bad RPing is that in which people more or less act as if their spessmen were the protagonists... aaand I'm getting carried away.

I'm gonna stop talking now.

Just glad to hear you're not upset. That'd be a shame.

If that was ever to happen, though, just say this mantra aloud to yourself: "my feelings are hurt because of what some complete stranger wrote to me on the internet"

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Man, it's your choice whether to leave or not, but I do believe if you'd brought this sort of thing to the attention of staff (if they hadn't been involved) it would've been dealt with. What's coming across is a form of bullying, and I disagree with that outright.

Again, it's your choice to leave, and I respect that. I wish you all the best!

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Subpar? From what Ive seen, you're pretty great man. I don't know about about all that other stuff, the insults and the age, but if someone is insulting you for something thats making it to the point where you feel like you need to leave, especially if it's on the server, tell the admin. Rule 0 "Don't be a dick."

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Remember that OOC should never be taken seriously.

No, really. I have never taken anyone seriously in OOC. People shit-talk and make fun of each other all of the time. Since it's the bloody interwebs, nobody cares about the impact of hurt they inflict upon each other.

Just remember that we still wuv u, Dox. Even if you make the same damn mistakes I did, it's better that you learn what mistakes you're making. Right up and quitting because you made mistakes is shitty. Stay, you buttnut. You'll learn a lot more from the rest of us by sucking it up and staying.

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I'm going to go against the general flow of comments here.

I don't want you to leave. I don't want anybody to leave. What I want is for everybody to get along and have fun while playing a game about 2d space men.

But the truth is, different people think about things and act on things in many different ways. Sometimes these ways meet, sometimes they don't. Not everybody will get along, and I've often felt like your own way of thinking and expectations were vastly different from the ones of the community as a whole (or as much of a whole as it can be - at least the general opinion).

Sometimes going against the flow is good. Sometimes it's not. Shrug. But when it prevents you from being able to enjoy the game, it's a sad thing, no matter the cause.

I don't think this makes you a bad person, far from it. And nobody said that (and hey, if they did, it's the internet; come back once you've got a couple of murders under your belt and then we'll talk). But I actually do encourage you fully to take a break, if you feel that's best. There's a lot of other stuff to do and see, and there's really no use butting your head against a wall if you sense it won't do anything. What you need the most to get along with people here better is a perspective change, and I actually think you can acquire that with some new scenery and a bit of time.

I'm hoping to see you come back at some point and that we can all have fun when it happens. Until then, all the best.

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