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Two New Record Status flags


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I've started using the status flags in medical and security more thoroughly. They're really useful. For those not in the know, you can set someone's Physical and Mental statuses with a medical hud, and their security status with a security hud/hudglasses

The physical status flags allow you to mark people as SSD, or deceased. Or some lesser used options like Physically Unfit (I use it for anyone who's likely to be in medical >5 minutes and/or in need of surgery) and Disabled (I set it on anyone who's lost limbs). The REALLY Cool thing is that the physical status of anyone is shown on the crew manifest, so it's visible to everyone, and allows you to give people an at-a-glance picture of the crew's health, if you're dilligent about setting them.

The security status flags aren't often used. There's paroled, released, and the only one which really gets any use, Arrest. Setting someone to arrest makes beepsky attack them, which is fun.

I wish more people would use these features. But this thread is to gather feedback on the idea of expanding it a bit.

I'd like to add two new flags:

1. Physical status: "Missing"

To be set on crewmembers who can't be found, and who aren't responding to comms. It's unknown whether they're deceased, or SSD, or being held captive in a dungeon somewhere, who knows. If they're unaccounted for, set the Missing status through medical records.

2. Security Status: 'Question'

This would be a lesser form of arrest, that security can use to mark anyone they want to talk to, and who isn't wanted for anything major.

It could be used for witnesses, who need to be talked to about what they've seen.

It could be used for victims who survived some kind of attack, and need to be interviewed.

Or it could be used for suspects on code green, or in cases where their guilt isn't sufficiently proven

Ideally, when someone is set to question, it'd affect Beepsky too. When he sees such a person, he'd approach them, and ask them politely to report to security. No arresting or force, just notifying them. This flag would be great to help a warden coordinate his team better, and for detectives to keep track of the backlog of people they need to interview.


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Guest Complete Garbage

I'm all for adding more functionality to the records/HUDs, I especially like the 'missing' physical tag, as there's presently no tag to accurately categorize missing persons.

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Guest Marlon Phoenix

I use "parole" to mark people who are serving their sentence outside the brig with a tracking implant. Normally for HuT with good behavior or anything longer than 15 minutes.

ANYWAY yes I support this suggestion.

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