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SCP-1649 Unban Appeal

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BYOND Key: 4FoxesINaBox (or: SCP-1649)

Total Ban Length: Permanent

Banning staff member's Key: garnascus

Reason of Ban: broke into the armory as a security officer, looted an SSD player and then shot themselves with a laser while i was PMing them about sever rules. Stopped Responding. 2016-05-18//03:43:11

Reason for Appeal:

Being my first time on your station I did not realize that you would be immediately banning me without any warning or second chance (even though there technically was one before I killed myself), As I see that you lot are very loving of your stations walls remaining in-tact.

> I promise to never deconstruct out-of-roll again.

-As for the "looting an S.S.D"

I had followed someone into research as a security officer then was subsequently locked in (because everyone I think including myself were disconnected from the sever all at once) and because security has no privilege inside of the research hallways I suppose. (As everyone on the server had gone S.S.D I took the guy I was following's ID to let myself out and I dropped the id back on top of him as he was still S.S.D

> I promise to never to do this again.

-As for breaking into security for an actual weapon / killing myself.

> I am very depressed in real life right now, I think I am going to loose my right hand due to a disease/condition that ends up turning a bone in my hand into a calcium triangle of pain.

(http://orthoinfo.aaos.org/topic.cfm?topic=a00017) [yes I know its not life a life ending possibility if this is what I possibly have, but I'm depressed and in pain, and I can't sleep].

(it is uncomfortable all of the time now, and I can't sleep through an entire night anymore, I don't even know whats actually wrong with my hand [and the doctor I saw for it was dumber than a door-nail in determining whats actually wrong with my wrist, and their clinic does not accept U.S dollars, can you believe that?]

I wanted to simulate my suicide among an RP willing community to see what would happen, how people would react, Because I don't want to live if I am going to loose my hand, but I don't want to kill myself (yet) for few other reasons, I thought to myself "I wonder how my parents would feel, how anyone who cares about me would feel, how a stranger would feel".

I apologize for disrupting your game.

Possibly, if you can forgive me, I have been a D&D/Dark heresy nerd since High-School, I would love to give your sever an honest try.

Please forgive me.

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right, the thing is the MO of breaking into the armory, running around and taking IDs, and then trying to kill yourself is pretty typical of random griefers we tend to get. Ill give you the benefit and assume this was just a mistake. that being said, i went too far here. I shouldnt have just slapped a permaban on you. I made the mistake of assuming you where just a griefer/troll. which even the obvious ones i probably shouldnt do that too. i apologize.

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