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Nickmun Banned By:Alberyk

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BYOND Key:Nickmun

Total Ban Length:Permanent

Banning staff member's Key:Alberyk

Reason of Ban:Chewing off his hand as non antag,Insulting admins over pms,Terrible rp overall.

Reason for Appeal:I have served a long ban i have thought about things but,The reason you banned me is cause i was overall bad at rp i chewed my hand off to escape cuffs for a some what minor crime,I insulted admins like a piece of crap,I'm sorry for what i have done,Please consider this a past problem we can forget the past and make a better future off it right? Please just let this be water under the bridge,I loved playing on this server i loved going back to it,But cause of what i have done you don't see me fit to come back,If i could get another chance i would not use it to be an annoying ass, i would use it to rp,I have changed i am a better person trust me i have no intent to harm the server i will re read the rules over and over if you dont trust me,I really want to come back please stop keeping me from it,But of course do what you have to do i'm sure you just want to say no seeing how long ago this started just try and see my intent,I am sorry for everything i did on the server,I'm sure i have had enough time off,But what matters is if you think the same,Regrow trust don't let it rot....

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I am going to repost what I put on your last ban appeal. Hopefully, you can reply to this one and we can get a line of communication opened here.


I only start doing that when im unairly judged im not gonna make myself look stuipid again and ill stay civil as long as others do and others belive i was fairly judged


A conflicting opinion to your own is not unfair judgement. Generally speaking when there is an unanimous agreement by a server's staff that you do not seem ready to come back, it means they honestly do not think you are ready to come back.

I have some honest tips for you if you want to come back to Aurora.

Work on your spelling and grammar. In your appeals, in your messages, in-RP. Nobody is rushing you, especially on the forums, and when your appeal looks like it took five minutes to make, complete with shoddy grammar and run-on sentences, it doesn't reflect well on how much you want to dedicate to the server. Take pride in your writing, and take the time to do it right.

Consider the other side of the fence. No argument is one sided, and what you may see from your end could be completely different from what is seen on the other side. This goes for RP as well as actual interaction between players on the forum.

Don't be afraid to take a step back. If a post upsets you, you are not obliged to immediately reply when you're still seeing red over it. You are allowed to take time to reply. Wait until your head clears, look at it again, and think, "Does posting this help the situation, or worsen it?". If the answer is worse, then take another ten minutes, step back, and rewrite.

You have potential, but if you keep throwing yourself at a wall doing the same thing, over and over, you're not going to improve or go any further. Makes sense?

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I'm not a writer I don't take pride in writing, Writing is a way for humans to communicate and I treat it as such, If my un-ban is not denied yet then i'm already past one of my goals, As long as i tried that means i'm on the right track, I'm not trying to have the best grammar, I'm trying to get un-banned so I can play again, I'm not trying to go back to troll i'm trying to play again, Ill take what you said to heart and construct something better,Its not being un-banned but its still a good start.

My grammar isn't good.

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