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New gamemode?


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I thought of a new gamemode this round, and Skull seems to agree it'd be a good gimmick as Wizard or Ninja. But I was thinking maybe an entire new gamemode.

Basically, in this gamemode, The main antagonist is a being that constantly breaks the 4th wall. He/She knows they're a video game character, and because of this, probably doesn't have many morals or a conscience.

Their objective, like autotraitor, would be theirs to choose. But It'd have a wider variety, since they KNOW that they, and everything in their universe is a game on a bunch of people's PCs.

I haven't entirely thought this gamemode through yet, But still, I'd like some feedback.

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Well, I am not sure if it fits our high-rp environment.

Altough there might be a few fun moments by trying to explain that guy that, hes not a computer program.

I could think of this as a thing you ahelp before doing, but not really as a permanent gamemode.

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Maybe its because I just watched it recently, but I still have to ask.

Why does this suggestion remind me of deadpool?

Anyways, I don't think it really deserves its own gamemode, and but if the admuns let you run it as a gimmick, that's that.

I would say "We do need more gamemodes, though.." but really, I can't manage to come up with anything new or that wouldn't just be a gimmick used in some other gamemode.

Not bad, though, I think it's still worth thinking about, your suggestion.

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