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[Accepted] Fire and Glory's Tajara app

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BYOND Key:Fire and Glory

Character Names:


Tpr Carlson.

Usiki Guwan.

Vause Kua'si.

Ites Kua'si.

Charles Vick.




Coupla one-offs.

Species you are applying to play:Tajara.

What color do you plan on making your first alien character:Dunno, something Hharar colored.

Have you read our lore section's page on this species?:Purrhaps.

Please provide well articulated answers to the following questions in a paragraph format. One paragraph minimum per question

Why do you wish to play this specific race:Lessee, first off, the whitelist applications are a crutch I use for making characters with depth, applying for a whitelist means I have to make a character with actual backstory 'n stuff so it provides sufficient motivation, I am also not entirely comfortable with the revolutionary stuff and everything that hangs around the Tajara, so it might be good for me, or I might never actually play, I dunno, but it'll be new, anyways, I also warmed up a bit to them while writing this application.

also i like cats and tajarans are fluffy cat ppl lol

Identify what makes role-playing this species different than role-playing a Human:they're like cats- OKAY LESSEE, they're space cat people, physiology wise, moving on, being your average Tajaran tends to be a hard life, no matter where you end up, Republic cats have to deal with a paranoid government where you and likely your family as well can end up getting jailed or shot even if you didn't do jack if you aren't careful, or just having to deal with the local Catmafia, if you aren't living close to the republic then there is a half-decent chance you'll end up running into someone from the Liberation army eventually, where if they think you support the loyalists, you'll also get shot, and even if you go into space away from this terrible planet you'll have to deal with racism, exploitation by companies, and may find yourself the target of some hate-crime anyway, 'tis not easy being a cat.

Adhomai is a cold planet, this means everywhere else tends to be rather hot, a Taj wearing those furs that people get from somewhere i am not sure where would probably collapse from heat stroke if they wore them for too long, a Tajaran in warm-quarters'll find it hard to completely focus on other things.

Because not all Tajara live in the Republic's easy reach on Adhomai, and some may choose to work in space while living on the planet, there is a non-zero chance of Tajara supporting the opposite sides meeting each other and not being able to simply make the problem go away, because murdering the other party is extremely frowned upon in Human space, if they want to keep working they'd have to learn to either tolerate each other or just ignore each other but becoming best buds despite it seems rather unlikely.

there are also intricate mating rituals involving their dick scorpions

Character Name:Guskov Andrei

Please provide a short backstory for this character, approximately 2 paragraphs:Guskov Andrei, named such by his parents thus having no Tajaran-style birth name, was a Hharar Tajaran born in 2434 in Nal'tor, growing up with his older brother Vasili, they were educated in schools but as the family owned a bar, called The Slumbering Samak, they also learnt much of bartending and drink mixing, they had both came of age they received shared ownership of it, it became evident that Vasili was a better businessman so Vasili managed the bar's affairs while Guskov supplied drinks, this arrangement worked out very well and for five years they did this.

Until the year 2457 rolled around, the government ordered The Slumbering Samak to be closed down because they couldn't follow the stricter standards newly imposed on drinking establishments, Vasili tried to protest these standards which were unnecessarily harsh on the more humble establishments but ultimately could do nothing, they sold the bar's assets and looked into other options to make a living, Guskov didn't have many applicable skills but he had read that NanoTrasen had been recruiting many Tajaran workers to work on their space stations in numerous positions, so he went to one of NanoTrasen's employment buildings, applied for a position as a Bartender, and passed the aptitude test.

Now after a year of education of how to use NanoTrasen's emergency equipment, learning what the regulations and procedures are while reading on some of the more 'human' styled drinks, Guskov is finally ready to work in space for a nebulous Human corporation called NanoTrasen, recently assigned to the NSS Exodus.

What do you like about this character?While the Republic might've shut down his family's bar, he believes that Liberation army is needlessly fighting and killing people, (and that the reason the Republic is being extreme is because the Liberals are provoking it.) and I do like my characters being able to see some of the faults in their beliefs and not being un-waveringly rigid, also because of my habits of jerking a whitelist char in a different direction then what you'd pick up off the backstory, Guskov's open character means I can do whatever I feel like with it.

How would you rate your role-playing ability?Well I am applying to play furry cat people so evidently I am not very good.

I dunno call me average or something, I think I am alright.


Notes:Guskov is 24, also my avatar is a cat so I must be accepted.

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I recall having pleasant interactions with some of your characters and no memorable unpleasant encounters.

Your backstory is great; while it doesn't include direct involvement in the civil war it still has an engaged feel to it, which is in every way just as good (if not better, since you aren't a mary sue FLEXING VETERAN). They are indeed a fun race to get interested in once you take a deeper dive into the lore and their races, and I hope you enjoy your experience as a catbeast on the NSS Exodus.

This application will pretty much be approved on the third day unless anyone wants to throw in some incredibly revealing comments about how you're exploiting this race to undermine the criminal justice association of america, etc.

Have fun,


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And so we hit day three.

While this application hasn't received support from members of the community, your application, personality, and backstory alone - paired with the fact that no one has said anything bad about you here - are enough to convince me to accept your right to become a catbeast. Enjoy the whitelist, have fun with the race, and may your RP be adventurous and filled with great encounters.

This application is accepted.

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