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Ishani Uwazee's Roughspun Dress

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Beyond Key: Chanterelle

Character Name: Ishani Uwazee

Item Name: Roughspun Dress

Why I'm Bringing It To Work: As an older Unathi, I had wanted to give her a bit of distinguish of having a layered effect with the Tan Poncho. The roughspun dress would layer under the poncho giving her a more matronly and traditional appearance due to her age.


Item Functions: As a jumpsuit instead of an outer robe.

Item Description: a popular Unathi garment

Item Appearance: Same sprite as the Roughspun Robes, perhaps shrunken a bit so it's more dress/jumpsuit size.

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How would you be able to use this item to fuel interaction with others exactly?


Well it is a traditional Unathi garment, which would help identify Unathi that are of a more conservative mindset, and it's just nice having a bit of variety to play with in terms of Xeno clothing. Layering it with a hide mantle or a poncho etc. It was also an option we used to have before the update to the newer code.

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Hrm, I feel like with that answer, then that this would work better as a suggestion, no? More xeno clothing to permit different styles of showing your character, if that makes sense. What do you think?


Either way. It would be nice just to have robes in general be wearable in the jumpsuit slot. They used to be.

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