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CCIA Recruitment Wave 6


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If you wish to apply for the CCIA, please fill out the form provided and then either post it to this thread or PM it to me directly. If you have any questions about the applications, you can message anyone involved with the CCIA and they will try to help you.

Do note that we are trying to once again, raise our numbers in order to work through the backlog of Incident Reports.


[b]Byond key:[/b]
[b]Character names:[/b]
[b]What times are you available? In GMT: [/b]
[b]Do you have any experience with Moderating? Or similar.[/b]
[b]Why do you want to be in the CCIA Division?[/b]
[b]How well can you handle stress?[/b]
[b]What does it mean to be an agent?[/b]
[b]How active on the forums and server are you?[/b]
[b]Anything else to add?[/b]

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Byond key: Jboy2000000

Character Names: Louise Dale, Yutsul Diam, Alisa Keener, Shinjlekh Ukhaan, Rozhad AlakivIda, Ida Cox, HAPP-Y, Kimii Kaytam, Ser Knyght, Diler Zakon, Emily O'Harron, So'kea Slijep, Miracle Kifer, Poslan Kur'yer-Isra

What times are you available? In GMT: Anytime from 9-10am to 9 pm.

Do you have any experience with Moderating? Or similar.: Ive been a forum mod for a while.

Why do you want to be a Duty Officer?: Ive wanted to apply to be a duty officer since their first recruitment drive, I love the concept of it, but I feel they need help in the form of manpower. So, two birds, all that.

How well can you handle stress?: In my subjective opinion, I think I handle it well.

What does it mean to be a Duty Officer?: You're here to sort out undesirable characters, the kind of people who shouldn't actually be working on the station, as well as try to help people improve their characters to become more well rounded and better fitting, even if forcibly and unwanted as seen with Seon-Rin and McMullen.

Anything else to add?: I know my appearance on the server has been scarce lately, but Ill make an effort to appear more often if I do get a position in the CCIA.

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Byond key: Bedshaped

Character names: Stevron Dawes, Edmond Holloway, Andrew Barnes, Matt Dalmer, Kajika Tsosie

What times are you available? In GMT: During the summer: Wide range of hours from 10:00 to as late as 00:00-01:00, outside of summer from around 17:00-23:00

Do you have any experience with Moderating? Or similar. Very little experience.

Why do you want to be in the CCIA Division? I'm all about regulations and procedures. My personality type is one that always trys to follow procedures and fill in the 'bits and details', no matter how tedious they may seem. One of my favourite things about SS13 is the rich canonical backstory that the players have developed and the efforts to maintain the heaviest roleplay of any other server. It's what drives player immersion and I would relish the chance to be another 'cog' in the wheel that helps to bolster the immersive backstory aspects of Aurora.

My favourite roles in the game are ones that involve paperwork or external procedures and I get pretty concerned when I see breaches or procedure because they can have RP breaking effects but also, depending on the situation, create new RP events that richly colour the playerbase.

How well can you handle stress? I think quite well. I have a good sense of breaking stress down with cognitive reasoning.

What does it mean to be an agent? I think the answer you're probably looking for here is impartiality and level-headedness and, while those are excellent traits to have, another important one is passion and drive. You need to have a reason to do a job on a virtual space game with no pay and it has to motivate you enough or else you'll burn out of it in a few short weeks. I feel as though I have that drive; making a shitty 2d graphic game more immersive for me than the most expensive of AAA titles and maintaining that level of fidelity is the main reasons I think I'm suited to be an agent.

Considering the position of the CCIA an immense serious is needed and the roleplay skill to convince others that you have a position that you deserve.

How active on the forums and server are you? Since joining, I've been very active on the server and regularly post on the forums; at least once or twice a day.

Anything else to add? I wasn't expecting a recruitment drive to come this soon but I was initially planning on going for an IAA application to get closer to the CCIA and hopefully learn what I can before applying. I hope my short time on the server won't negatively affect my application and you can see the drive and dedication I will bring to CCIA in my writing.

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Byond key: Whiterabit

Character names: Alexis Sutton, Lyla Rathen, Stehpanie Moore, Katie Auman, Aaliyah Kha'jur, Natalya Zimmer, Verna Marshall, Carrie(pai,borg)

What times are you available? In GMT: 11am-12pm

Do you have any experience with Moderating? Or similar. Some experience moderating RP servers, though not in SS13.

Why do you want to be in the CCIA Division? Personally I think CCIA sounds really interesting, I've also wanted to, in some way do something to benefit the server as most all of my time is spent playing here. I'm not very good at coding or spriting and going for mod isn't really something that interests me. Really my reason for wanting to join the CCIA is simply because I think it seems like it would be something I'd enjoy doing.

How well can you handle stress? I'd like to think that I can handle stress fairly well, or at the very least that I can keep it from having a heavy influence what I'm doing in the moment.

What does it mean to be an agent? From what I've observed of the duty officers, at their base, they deal with incident reports and act as representatives of Central Command in the event they receive a fax from a member of the crew. Being a representative of Nano-Trasen It's important that you can keep a professional attitude and as a majority of your work will be sifting through the different stories and details of an incident while trying to find the truth of it all, it's important to keep rationality. I'd like to think that with the way that I've diversified my characters that it would show my flexibility in identifying with different mindsets and hopefully give myself some credibility in being able to handle this.

How active on the forums and server are you? I'm well aware that my forum activity is pretty lacking, this isn't really anything new for me. I joined the server mainly for the server where I am extremely active when I'm not dealing with finals. If my forum activity is an issue, I can try and make an effort to be more active in it, but I think my server activity can more than make up for it.

Anything else to add? I won't say that I'm a hundred percent ready to just jump in as a Duty Officer and take the reigns, but I'm more than willing to take my time to learn and would obviously ask questions about anything I was having trouble with before following through on any decisions.

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Byond key: ArcBot

Character names: Breanna Khan, Jack Davidson, Thomas Barron, Booters, Jayce Stamos, Eric Jackson (Many others I haven't put much time into)

What times are you available? In GMT: Honestly, I'm not quite certain but I should always be available between 10am and 8pm everyday.

Do you have any experience with Moderating? Or similar. No, I do not.

Why do you want to be in the CCIA Division? I love playing internal affairs, but it seems they are pretty restricted in what they can actually do on the station. Many times I'm unable to complete an investigation due to admin intervention (Records, Age, Out of date wiki pages that should be updated), or a person aboard the station just not wanting to comply, and heads of staff unable to make them comply due to antagonist actions during that round.

How well can you handle stress? Honestly, I feel I can handle it pretty well, but obviousley I can use some improvement. I jump to conclusions sure, but I do pretty good at getting all the facts before blowing something out of perportion.

What does it mean to be an agent? You'll be tasked without following up on incident reports, and making sure departments are operating as they should be. Pretty much being the last resort to solve internal issues with command staff as well. You have a lot of authority that you shouldn't abuse, nor walk around showing off. You're also the ones who get to reply to any faxes CentCom recieves, and must do so in a professional manner.

How active on the forums and server are you? I'm pretty active on both the forums and the server, could be a bit more active in the forums though, ie; giving my input on suggestions and the a-like.

Anything else to add? I've been playing Internal Affairs the past week or two, and I feel like turning my Internal Affairs character into a Duty Officer would be absolutley amazing and a great opening for some roleplay.

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Byond key: Pikl

Character names: Isabella Silva, Claire Glimmer, Abigail Waite, Once Upon A Midnight (Edit: Is now named "Song Of Symphony" due to in game events.) , Fulfilling Thy Duty

What times are you available? In GMT: Well, when I'm home I'm generally available until I sleep. I live in Midwestern America, which is five hours behind GMT. I guess my general schedule in a day is waking up at around 6 or 7 AM for my summer job, be at summer job for 8 hours, come home, and get on Aurora, or at least spectate the round in progress, until I fall asleep anywhere between 11PM and 3AM. This is all Central Time, of course, just add five hours and you'll have my GMT hours I'm available.

Do you have any experience with Moderating? Or similar. Yes. I've moderated a few Minecraft servers, and generally on some chat servers I'm a part of I have permissions, as people trust me sometimes. How the moderating of the Minecraft servers went down was there was one pretty big server, called Lycosa, and the owner decided to end it. The community decided they were going to start another server, based around the same player-base of sorts, and I was a moderator of that, too. I handled young children trying to be edgy by destroying other's creations, and general chat based rule enforcement. I was trusted with this role when I was around 13 or so, actually, and I like to believe I've matured a lot since then. I'm now 18.

Why do you want to be in the CCIA Division? Well, the one thing I always disliked about being a moderator, or even any position of having to distribute punishment, is how it lacks a kind of personal touch I suppose. Rules are rules, and good moderators or even staff in general know them by heart, or at least should, and better ones know how to take context into perspective. Context. It's a word I find myself thinking about a lot when I think about these kinds of things. Really though, context. It's a big one. In my opinion it's the number one thing somebody who's distributing punishment, or thinking about it, should consider. I'm going to give an example, as context makes the game more fun for everyone. Say there's an engineer and an engineer apprentice who've been asked by a friendly barman to help him renovate his bar. Barman has great ideas, and it's not something people see every round, it's a neat set of renovations and it's keeping everyone happy, busy, and giving people chances to roleplay, and the engineering apprentice a chance to get some firsthand experience, which she greatly needs. Well, everything's fine and dandy, until you take into consideration that they don't have a permit to renovate. Oh no! They are breaking station rules, and can be sent to the brig for various charges. Are they criminals? Yes. Are they violent criminals who are inconveniencing anyone, aside from possibly a head of staff who may become furious, demanding them to be brigged? No. They are not violent, and with context of the situation it's pretty easy to see they got a lot of positive things out of their renovations. What can you do as a head of staff, or any role that distributes punishment? Many things, depending on how much of the context you care to consider. I'd imagine the thing you could do that'd make everyone happy is to stop what they're doing, ask them why, when they tell you why decide to help them get a late permit.

Problems are problems, and there's going to be many different viewpoints over certain things, especially when rules and punishment are involved. Nothing is black and white, we're human beings after all. We're all oceans of thought and ideas, waves sometimes colliding violently. It's only natural. Many problems need careful consideration and thought in order to solve, and I think that's something I'm actually fairly good at, and rather enjoy doing, if I'm giving myself honest credit for something at least.

Now, this all is going over how much I should've written, but imagine getting to interview everyone in a situation like this in game. I think that's quite fun indeed, and good for the server if you've the right judgement for it. So many conflicting viewpoints to such a simple situation. That's pretty exciting in my eyes, being able to decide something like that in such a personal, fairly roleplay intensive manner.

How well can you handle stress? I handle it okay, it varies depending on how much something means to me though. I really can't say I don't have moments where it overwhelms me, as I do, but I'm normally the one bringing the stress upon myself, thinking about what I could've done better in a situation or whatnot. I guess on the flip side this drives me to get better at things, more efficient, and to find ways to make everyone happy, as I enjoy doing. I enjoy making a difference, and I don't enjoy doing something poorly. Really though, in situations of conflict, at least conflict not aimed at me, I am good at keeping a neutral perspective, no matter how stressful the time and place is. I approach things with an open mind and with my opinions held back until I feel I understand what's going on. I guess a bad side of what I just said is I may wait too long, or never say anything at all. But in another light, it means my decisions will be well thought out. I guess put shortly, I like things resolved, but I like them resolved carefully, and in a fair way. I'd say a chunk of this could be displayed in the role of a security officer, in which I enjoy playing. Even so, I always end up annoying my stressed out, sometimes aggressive fellow officers when I logically advocate for why somebody has been arrested. If anything, sometimes I have a lack of stress, actually. I'm not sure if that's a good or a bad thing.

What does it mean to be an agent? You're a more interpersonal moderator to a degree. I see incident reports fairly often, and I always wonder what actually goes on behind them. They're private to much larger degree compared to any of the other complaint systems. It's the poster of the complaint, the officers, and the one who was posted about. At least from my understanding of things. There's no audience, and thus I'd imagine the outcome of the incident would be quite fair and unbiased. The real world doesn't operate like many comics and cartoons like to put it. There is no good and evil, at least in an overarching sort of way. People who commit crimes have reasons that in their minds justified the potential consequences. Duty Officers sift through notions of good and evil and simply find if there's something that violates station directives, and if that person is deserving of a punishment, through private, and personal means. Listening to both sides before reaching a decision.

For qualities of an agent: There is no ideal, and I'd imagine certain types of people will find different ways to contribute to an agent's agenda. In very general means though, you would have to care very much about being neutral, fair, observant, curious, and maintain professional mannerisms and thoughts while working through a case. Although, it really is impossible to define a perfect person for the job, because there wouldn't be. You have a team of humans beings operating as officers, too, and I'd imagine if you're too closely connected to certain people in a case, you would need to find the humility to admit that you're too closely tied, and will be unable to work without a bias.

How active on the forums and server are you? When I'm home I actively check and recheck the forums, to the point where I keep clicking refresh to see if somebody has posted something. So, I guess a lot. On the server, I'm pretty active when I'm home. As stated in my answer to question two, I'm either spectating or playing for the most part. If I'm not on the server, I'm readily available to get on, and probably will if asked on Discord or something of the like.

Anything else to add?

Looking forward to seeing who the next line of officers will be. How exciting.

Do let me know if I've misinterpreted what a CCIA member's duty is, as I wasn't able to find a page detailing all the specifics. Admittedly, I asked around a bit.

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Applications are now closed.

The following applications have been accepted:

- Jboy2000000

- Bedshaped

- Whiterabit

- Arcbot

- Pikl

Any concerns may be addressed to me directly, through PMs or Discord.

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