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  1. This is me as I enjoy your ongoing punishment:
  2. What gives you the right to disrespect these forums with your presence?
  3. Our overlords have likely seen this and deemed it not worthy of their time. All hail the leaders. All hail the leaders. All hail the leaders. All hail the leaders. All hail the leaders. All hail the leaders. All hail the leaders. All hail the leaders. All hail the leaders. All hail the leaders.
  4. The real crime is acknowledging crew as a drone. I sentence you to 5 shifts in furry crewed Engineering.
  5. I hope it gets forgotten. Actually it's been 3 weeks and I don't think you've convinced any admin of the merits of repeal. Bumping isn't the same as making salient points.
  6. Delete all non-human species IMHFO
  7. Mel Max Gibson?? Can you be a shake more creative there?
  8. Thanks for the info here. It's all very interesting and will be saved for future ref.
  9. How long until the voting ends? edit: I forgot all the names of my favourites
  10. I remember the dark old days of visitors walking onto the Bridge and expecting everyone to hand over command to them. It was stupid.
  11. How will we know who are the admins and devs?!? It will be Anarchy.
  12. It doesn't make sense for English, Spanish and Portuguese to merge. It would make much more sense for these languages to merge: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Romance_languages https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Germanic_languages
  13. I was hoping this system could finally give us Physics and Theoretical Physics research. Maybe telescience isn't enabled by default until it's been researched?
  14. Let's rebrand this game as an underwater research station. I'll make the wiki.
  15. https://github.com/Aurorastation/Aurora.3/issues
  16. You could be copy pasting MLP sex fanfics in there and I wouldn't notice.
  17. Would anyone else agree with me that promoted heads shouldn't be able to use a lot of the features that joining heads or possibly that whitelisted heads are able to use? Why To stop the ID editting computer being able to powergame your way to a code change/combat cyborgs/controlling certain departments To balance the lore realities of an untrained (as a head not their department) person being given exceptional access Suggestions The ID computer defaults to "Interim [rank]" or any other agreed signifier A "synthetic" head can't use the ID swiper for code changes/ERT/combat cyborg (debates whether you should still be able to do this through CCIA... I say yes) A synthetic head doesn't have access to the most powerful tools in their respective fields for example: Captain/HoP: ID modifier CE: Telecommunications RD: Robotics control other examples Other Benefits With a synthetic head being mechanically not as powerful as a full head, people might be more willing to assign Interims regularly, giving more people the chance to show their ability for whitelisting I think the Captain's Spare ID should be a synthetic ID aswell. The above text represents by own opinions, in no way affiliated with the Aurora Dev Teamâ„¢. Terms and conditions apply.
  18. Post your cringey attempts at aurora-lore
  19. Don't tell me you've never imagined drinking your repurified urine.
  20. I don't think this is a good idea. As long as the telecoms is on a satellite this is a bad idea. Someone adding a 'pirate talk' script is funny once. Someone adding some kind of word replace script every round is going to be mind numbingly frustrating. Especially when they can only be gotten to by the Captain, CE or RD. They essentially have a free pass to do what they want and I don't have much faith the admins will step in to stop them, for fear of "ruining the joke" or something. Telecoms should always be an afterthought for the station. The CE and the RD have access, because if there's a problem, they drop their main duties and go fix it. Someone who's entire station role is sitting on a satellite alone will get bored and they will start "making jokes", running stupid scripts they found online and muting people. ICly this can't be policed because of the geography of where the satellite is and OOCly I honestly don't trust the staff to police it out of fear of being unpopular.
  21. Bedshaped

    Captain Medals Box

    This ain't a war station, security aren't soldiers, the Head of Security is not a "commander", civies don't get "medals"... If we were WarStation13 then I'd probably say this was a good idea but right now it's just pointless elitism that will drive away players who aren't part of the established circlejerk.
  22. Is the whistle too loud? I can quieten it or make it deeper. It's from Star Trek TOS: As for the hours, the game randomly picks a time to start between 4 options so what time you're playing at doesn't matter much afaik: roundstart_hour = pick(2,7,12,17)
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